Mari Smith’s Winning Facebook Formula for Getting Your Videos Seen

Megan O'Neill


We were excited to have Facebook expert Mari Smith speak last week at our Social Video Marketing Summit. She gave a great talk, in which she shared her formula for getting your videos seen on Facebook. Watch the full talk below and read on for a breakdown of the four steps to Mari’s formula.

Why video?

Before getting into her formula, Mari spoke a bit about why video is so important on social media — and specifically on Facebook. Mari shared research from a Buffer report earlier this year that showed that “video is largely underutilized on Facebook,” and that video gets the most engagement on Facebook by far. “Forward-thinking businesses need to be emphasizing video,” she says.

Mari’s 4-step plan

Mari lays out a four step plan for getting your videos seen on Facebook.

Step 1: Embrace Facebook Live

“Facebook is the next generation television,” says Mari. They’re putting a lot of resources into it and pushing it and you should be there to ride that wave. In her presentation, Mari goes into some of the tools she uses for her own Facebook Live initiatives and offers up some tips.

Step 2: Publish native video

Video uploaded to Facebook directly, whether via mobile or desktop, gets better reach. Mari recommends uploading video to Facebook directly, rather than posting YouTube links, to get your videos seen.

What kind of video content should you publish? Content that viewers will be excited to share! “Be a helpful specialist that adds value,” says Mari. Make videos fun, thumb-stopping, and easy to tag friends in the comments. She shares a case study from WV Skydivers, which you can learn more about in the Success Stories area of our site.

Step 3: Amplify with video ads

“Facebook ads are the most targeted traffic that your money can buy,” says Mari. “You can get your content in front of the exact demographic of person that you’re looking for down to reach, down to zip code, down to age, down to likelihood of purchasing your product and engaging with your content.”

What makes a good video ad? Mari shares some characteristics of an effective ad:

  • It focuses on quality from the first frame.
  • It’s high energy and entertaining.
  • It evokes emotion.
  • It’s relatable.
  • It’s useful.
  • It’s designed for sound off, with large, bold text or captions.

Step 4: Use a proven process (aka The Mari Method)

Mari shares her process for success:

  • First, build organic traction. When you already have organic reach, your ad dollars will go further.
  • Publish highly shareable content. Post videos that will make your viewers look good when they share them.
  • Minimize your ask. Tell a story rather than trying to sell. Share content that educates and entertains. This will lead to a higher level of engagement.
  • Wait between 1-24 hours to boost. Give organic reach time to grow before deciding whether or not to boost.
  • You don’t have to boost everything. Ride the wave when posts are performing well organically and remember that you don’t have to boost every post.

Have you used Mari’s tips? We’d love to hear about your experience with them. Join our Social Video Marketing Community on Facebook and share your story and videos.