Checklist: Creating YouTube TrueView Ads That Convert

Jeff Kahsen


Getting started with advertising on YouTube? Then you’ve probably heard the name “TrueView.” TrueView ads are one of the types of ads available through YouTube’s advertising platform — they’re the pre-roll ads that play before a video and allow the viewer to skip after five seconds. Here’s a fun rundown:

![Checklist: Creating YouTube TrueView Ads That Convert](

As a business advertising on YouTube, these ads are great because you only pay when the user actually takes action by clicking on the video to learn more or watches the first 30 seconds or the full video (whichever comes first). But how do you create a video that’ll entice viewers to stick around and not click on that “Skip Ad” button? We’ve worked with YouTube to put together a checklist of 5 best practices to help you out.

#1: Keep it short

Keep your videos to 30-45 seconds in length (and definitely under 60 seconds). Remember: viewers are waiting to watch a video they care about so they’ll only be willing to watch your content for so long before they click away to see what they originally came for.

#2: Indicate value quickly

Remember, you only have 5 seconds to capture a viewer’s attention before they’re given the option to skip your ad. For this reason, it’s important to indicate what your product or service is and what problem it’s solving as quickly as possible.

#3: Let viewers know you’re nearby

This one is important for advertisers that are targeting audiences based on a geographic zone. If you draw attention to how close you are to the viewer in the first five seconds, they’re way more likely to say, “Hey! That’s where I’m from!” and stick around.

#4: Include a clear, visual call to action

Remember, if people don’t know why they should click, they won’t. For this reason, it’s important to include a very clear call to action that tells viewers exactly what you want them to do. Additionally, make sure that you’ve got a page on your website to accept traffic from the video that includes more information related to your call to action. This will minimize the number of clicks it’ll take for them to find the information they need.

#5: Include your logo

Finally, don’t forget to include your logo! Brand recognition is real. Just because the viewer doesn’t click on your ad initially doesn’t mean that they won’t digest the content and recall it later when they’ve got a need for your product or service.

With this checklist, you’re ready to get started making great TrueView ads and reaching your potential customers on YouTube.