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Creative Inspiration for your Valentine’s Day Video Ads

Madison Fraitag


Valentine's Day is a crucial opportunity for businesses to reach their customers with video. However, with an influx of online shopping around this holiday spending, you'll need to go a step further with the creative design of your Valentine's Day marketing videos.

In this post, we’ll share three creative Valentine's Day campaign ideas that you can use in your marketing videos this year. Select the one that works best with your brand, then easily create your first video in minutes with our library of Valentine’s Day video templates.

Concept 1: Traditional Valentine

Our first concept is a very traditional, very romanticized Valentine's Day theme–think reds and pinks, hearts and arrows, and a warm, fuzzy feeling. For this concept, you can draw inspiration from classic Valentine's Day visuals, keeping the focus on a celebration of love.


For the messaging and copy in this concept, don’t shy away from cheesy, punny language. Keep things light-hearted and cute with some of our top Valentine’s Day quotes.

Color palette

For a traditional Valentine, you’ll want to stick to warm, rosy tones. Try out these colors and use them to customize all of your video ads for the holiday.

2022-01 Creative-Inspiration for-your-Valentines-Day-Video-Ads Blog Color-Palette1


Our Valentine’s Day Sale template is a simple starting point that features all of these traditional elements, including our bubbliest video style, Hot Spot. Give it a watch, then customize it to fit your brand, industry, and best-selling product or service.

Concept 2: Artistic Valentine

If you’re looking to separate yourself from tradition and stand out with an artistic flair this Valentine’s Day, this concept is for you. Make a splash with your social ads this year using this creative concept.


Embrace creativity with poetic language in your artistic ads. Don’t simply say what you’re selling; paint a picture of the amazing experience customers can have by shopping with your business and the value your product will bring as a gift.


Our Valentine's day elements add extra flair, motion, and personality to your v-day videos! Choose from a variety of candy hearts, flowers, and other lovely illustrations then just choose your color and add them throughout your template.

Color palette

Try out a monochrome color palette for aesthetically pleasing ads this February 14th. That means layering different shades of the same color to give a trendy, cohesive look to your whole video.

2022-01 Creative-Inspiration for-your-Valentines-Day-Video-Ads Blog Color-Palette2


Our Valentine’s Day Promo template comes built with a monochromatic look and our eye-catching Brush video style. Customize the images and text to match your gift-worthy product or service to create an artistic ad in an instant.

Concept 3: Classy Valentine

Keep things classy and clean with a chic look and feel to your Valentine’s Day ads. If your brand tends to be a bit more understated, this simple look with a bit of festive flair might be the right fit for you.


Exercise your creative writing skills with sophisticated, romantic messaging in your ads. Use plenty of lavish, luxurious adjectives to describe the high-end experience your customers can expect from your brand.

Color palette

For the classiest look possible, we recommend keeping it simple with a black and white color palette and adding a pop of vibrant color.

2022-01 Creative-Inspiration for-your-Valentines-Day-Video-Ads Blog Color-Palette3


Get a creative kickstart with our Anniversary Celebration template, featuring a pop of color that you can customize to fit your brand colors. Edit the text and images to represent your business or industry, and you’ve got a swoon-worthy ad ready to be shared.

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