Business Videos: Choosing The Best Video Styles


Animoto Business Styles

What works best for business videos?

Animoto offers its customers a plethora of unique video styles. It can sometimes be hard to choose with all the options available. Here, we list some of the best video styles for making a professional and effective business video.

Here’s our short list of the best design styles we have today to help you in business. They all offer simple transitions and focus on a large, central image.

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For Animoto Pro Users

Animoto Pro is the best package for business video. You have access to all the styles and thousands of commercially licensed songs. Business-favorite styles are listed below. We also recommend adding a link to your business home page at the end of the video and turning on “sharing” so folks can comment which will post to their Facebook account and increase your word-of-mouth. Here’s more on using Animoto Pro for creating business videos.

And for Professional Photographers using Animoto Pro

Proof Sheet works great to create a demo reel or your website offering a photo negative look and Paper Array has a stylistic background design with simple transitions and large images.

For Animoto Plus Users

The styles below can be used for full-length videos but with a Plus subscription, you cannot do white label branding at the end, instead the Animoto logo will show. To create videos without the Animoto logo, upgrade now to Animoto Pro.

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