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Make Your Own Compilation Video in 5 Easy Steps



Make compelling compilation videos that will wow clients, customers, and friends with Animoto. In this post, we’ll share 5 simple steps for using our compilation video maker.

At Animoto, we offer online video creation software that’s easy to learn and powerful enough to create high-quality compilation videos. Once you spend a few minutes learning the ropes of our video editor, you can combine as many videos as you like to create a comprehensive compilation.

We know that making a compilation video can be difficult when you have to worry about video creation caps and limits on how many videos you can combine at once, which is why we did away with both. You can upload as many videos as you want to Animoto, and you can create compilations as fast as you can drag-and-drop your content.

Whether you are making compilations of your greatest sports moments for a prospective college, compiling some of your favorite clips of stand-up, or making an ad showcasing your products, video is the key to success on social media. So, let’s take a look at how easy it is to make compilation videos with Animoto’s video editing interface.

What makes a great compilation video?

A compilation video is a collection of short snippets of video—and the occasional image—that highlight something specific. For example, a wedding compilation could highlight your favorite photos and video clips from your big day.

Whether created for the sake of humor or to inspire awe, compilations perform well on social media, especially if they are short. The key to creating an excellent compilation is using video that is easily broken down into interesting snippets and using software that makes video creating easy.

How to make stunning compilation videos online

Combining video, text, music, and the occasional graphic are all facets of making a great compilation video. Animoto allows you to edit your video online while providing an extensive stock library and thousands of licensed tracks. Here’s how to create a great compilation video:

Step 1: Select a template

Get a head start on your video with a customizable template. You can also choose to start from scratch.

Video templates for business and personal use

Step 2: Upload and edit videos and photos

Once they are in your Media Library, you can drag them onto the workspace and edit their length, change the aspect ratio, and so on. You can also select photos and videos from our built-in stock library.

Video trim in Animoto

Step 3: Add your own text

Personalize your compilation video by customizing text colors, sizes, positions, and more. Apply text styles as a way to add animation and excitement to your video.

Text styles in Animoto

Step 4: Add music to your compilation video

Browse through our music library by searching in the Genre or Mood tab. You can also upload your own audio, but be aware of music rights here—if you don’t own the rights to a song, don’t use it. Stick with the stock music we offer if you aren’t sure.

Use music filters to find a song for Instagram Stories

Step 5: Share your video

Select the Export button, and share your video anywhere!

Step 4 Export and Share

Tips for editing videos and making compilations

Once you know how to create a video of your own with Animoto, it’s time to learn the tricks of the compilation trade.

  • When you favorite a video in Animoto, you can access it from any project. Use the favorites feature to keep the best and most reached-for videos close at hand.

  • Compile videos and photos and organize them in categorized folders on your desktop to make video editing easier. With Animoto, you can create unlimited projects using the same raw content, letting you try out different styles of video with the same clips.

  • Don’t be afraid to use video and photos in your compilation. Still images work well in videos, particularly when supplemented with a particularly pretty layout.

  • Don’t start from scratch: use one of our most popular video templates to start off. Once you’ve got a handle on it, you can use the Start From Scratch option to create from the ground up.

  • Use a theme in Animoto to keep consistency and tie your compilation together. Using a basic theme is a great way to begin, but you can also create a Saved Brand to keep a consistent font, color scheme, and logo on all of your marketing videos.

Step 2 Create Saved Brand Module Template

  • Do more than just cut between raw clips: add a transition, a creative bit of text, or just a block of color before the next clip. This helps keep a viewer’s attention and looks more professional.

  • Utilize text in your videos with overlays. These can be closed captions of whatever audio is playing in the video, descriptions to enhance the clips, or something as simple as a watermark.

  • Use music to keep things uptempo and interesting, but don’t forget you need the rights to a song in order to share it online. Plans start with a limited music library. Upgrading your plan to Professional or Professional Plus unlocks 3,000 licensed music tracks.

  • Keep your content consistent by establishing an intro and outro to your videos, building your brand identity, and preparing viewers for what is to come. It also adds professionalism and quality, and it’s easy to do in Animoto.

Frequently asked questions about online video compilation makers

Can I create compilation videos for free?

Yes, you can! Just make an Animoto account, and you’ll be ready to go.

Can I merge or combine videos with Animoto?

You definitely can. Upload videos and images both to a project and then stitch them together easily.

How do you add multiple videos into one video?

Open a project or select the Create button and choose a template. From there, you’ll be able to see the videos you have uploaded on the right-hand side of the screen in the Media Library.

If you don’t have any videos there, you can drag and drop them in or click the upload button. Once you’ve uploaded your videos, drag one onto the primary workspace.

Once you’ve made your first block, simply click the + icon to add another, then drag your next video into that. To add multiple videos quickly, you can drag them to the timeline at the bottom of your workspace and change the order there.

Can I make a video compilation of photos and videos?

You can, and we have stock photos and videos available for your use.

Can I add music to my compilation video?

Yes, and if you aren’t sure if you have the right to use a song, just use one of the royalty-free ones we supply.

Try Animoto’s video compilation maker today

You’ve gotten a taste of some compilation tips and tricks, and you know the benefits of using a simple, cloud-based video editing service with no experience necessary. Give it a try and share it online with us, so we can see how you express your creativity when making compilations!