Video Tips

Block-By-Block: Building Your Animoto Video

Megan O'Neill


Animoto videos are built by mixing and matching blocks. Blocks can easily be added, removed, or rearranged in any project, whether you’re starting from a template or from scratch.


In this quick guide, we’ll tell you all about the different blocks you can use to build your Animoto video. To follow along, simply click the + ADD A BLOCK button from any of your marketing video projects and start exploring!

If you’re starting from scratch, it’ll look like this:


And if you’re starting from a template or existing video project, it’ll look like this:


When you click on the + ADD A BLOCK button, it’ll open up a window with our entire selection of blocks. Just click on the one you want to use to add it to your project. New blocks will be added at the end of your project, but you can drag and drop to move them to any spot you’d like them to appear in your video.


Blocks to mix and match

Now that you know how to add new blocks to your project, it’s time to explore all the different block types. Let’s dive in!

Note that each block has its own customization options. You can read more about that in our blog post on editing tools in Animoto you might not know about.

Photo block

Tell your story with visuals. This block adds a touch of movement to give static images a dynamic flair. Drag and drop your own photo into the block, or select one from our library of Getty Images photos and video clips.

Here's an example of a Photo block using the Glamour video style:


Video block

Capture attention with movement. This block lets you trim, resize, and add text to video clips. Your own videos, or videos from our Getty Images library, can be trimmed down to as short as 1 second, muted, or scaled and repositioned within the frame.


PRO TIP: Photo blocks and Video blocks are interchangeable. Feel free to drop a photo into a Video block or a video clip into a Photo block.

Collage block

Showcase multiple photos at once. This block offers a variety of layouts for featuring collections of 2, 3, 4, or 9 images. Drag in photos, resize, and reposition them by dragging and dropping.


Text block

Highlight a key message with text. This block lets you share a title and subtitle on a photo, video, or solid-color background. You can drop photo or video assets into a text block, or use the text editing feature to add text to literally any other block.


Quote block

Add a perspective, review, or testimonial to your video. This block features text fields for a quote and attribution. To get started with the quote block, we recommend checking out one of our quote video templates, like the Editorial Quote List below.

Logo block

Start or end with your logo for brand recognition. Choose from six animation presets and place your logo on any background.


PRO TIP: Did you know you could also add your logo to any corner of your video as a watermark? Click the "Design" icon in the toolbar on the left, upload your logo, and select a corner and size. Learn more about adding a watermark on the blog.

As you can see, our collection of drag-and-drop blocks is designed to help you tell your story quickly and easily. Dive in and see what you can build for your next video!