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New on Animoto: Advanced Customization & Premium Stock

Lucas Killcoyne


With Font Upload, our new Premium Stock Library, and Saved Brands, it’s easier than ever for you to bring your vision to life with fully branded, eye-catching videos for your business.

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Font Upload

For the very first time, you can now add your brand’s font to all your videos and ensure your brand identity is on display for your viewers.

Just upload your font once, and we’ll store it for you to use in all your videos. Learn more about how to upload and use your font in our guide to all things Font Upload.

Premium Stock Library

With our Premium Stock Library, you’ll get access to a massive variety of over 100 million photos, videos, and illustrations from Getty Images.

Save time and money tracking down stock across multiple providers and find the high-quality shots you need to stand out. Find the right media to help tell your story, quickly, without ever leaving Animoto.

Learn more about how to get the most out of our stock library below.

Saved Brands

With Saved Brands, you can set your logo, color palette, and font once, and apply it to your videos in a single click.

Save time by cutting out repetitive tasks like changing fonts, applying your colors and uploading your logo. Get your videos looking consistent without any guesswork.

And if you’re making videos for multiple brands, you can create as many additional Saved Brands as you’d like using our Professional Plus plan.

Learn how to save your brand in our guide to Saved Brands.

Create your next video

Ready to get started with these brand new features? Create your next video now.

Or, if you’re not currently a Professional Plus subscriber, head to our pricing page to compare plans.