4 Video Marketing Tips for Mother’s Day

Lucas Killcoyne


Mother’s Day is a huge marketing opportunity for many businesses. We’re here to help you plan ahead and make the most of this hallmark holiday with a collection of Mother's Day marketing tips and ideas for videos that you can create easily. Let’s jump right in!

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Tip #1: Use a video template

Templates are your jump-start into quick, professional video creation. In addition to the 160+ templates at your fingertips, Animoto has created special templates just for Mother’s Day. Make them entirely yours by uploading your own photos and video clips, customizing the layout, and choosing your own text and colors. You can even remove our logo and add your own when you upgrade to a paid plan.

Mother's Day Gift Card template

To make a video using our Mother's Day Gift Card template, simply add the details of your promotion, and you're good to go!

Want to personalize your video even more? Upgrade to our Professional plan to add your logo and brand colors for increased brand recognition.

Mother's Day Promo template

You have the gifts mom will love at the prices her family and friends will love, but you need to get the word out. Use our Mother's Day Promo template to highlight your most popular products and services at discounted rates.

Mother's Day Card template

Show love to mothers everywhere with the Mother’s Day Card template. Simply edit the text to say thanks for all they do, show your appreciation with an offer just for moms, or include a quote that celebrates all that moms do. Check out this blog post with loads of quotes you can use in your next video!

Tip #2: Think beyond the sale

Not every Mother's Day video has to be a sale. There are lots of ways to get your business out there with video without marking your prices down. We've put together a few examples.

Share quotes from happy customers

There are lots of ways you can use quotes in your videos. One of the best ways for businesses to use quotes is by sharing positive customer reviews. Highlight a line from a happy customer’s review of a product or service you’ve sold as a Mother's Day gift in the past with our Product Testimonial template. Or, share a review from a happy mother who loved her gift. Testimonial videos are a fantastic way to build trust and get new customers comfortable doing business with you.

Send best wishes to all the moms

There’s no harm in going with a straightforward holiday greeting, but before you do, consider what sort of spin your business, and only your business, could put on it. What will feel unique to your brand and stand apart from the other Mother’s Day messages your customers will inevitably encounter?

Our Mother's Day Greeting template tells the heartfelt story of a mother and daughter. You can easily customize this template with photos of your customers to show your appreciation or add images of your mother to show your audience how much this day means to you.

To All The Moms Template

Don't forget to recognize all of the moms at your company for their hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. Our To All The Moms template offers a simple yet thoughtful Mother's Day message, thanking the moms at your business for all they do.

Add a more personal touch to your video with voice-over, giving business owners, members of the c-suite, and more the opportunity to recognize every mom at your business.

Tell your brand's story

As we said, Mother’s Day is a huge deal for shoppers. Give potential customers a reason to choose your business over other options with a video telling the story of why you do what you do and why you're the best option when shopping for mom.

Create an eye-catching video telling your brand's story with our Service Brand Story template, and use our interactive worksheet to write your story's script.

Tip #3: Use stock images and video clips

An engaging visual can make or break a marketing video, and Mother’s Day promos are no exception. If you don’t already have the luxury of a library of industry-specific media to pick and choose from–which most people do not–stock images and video clips are the way to go.

Find just what you're looking for in our extensive stock library. The Select stock library on our Professional plan features 1 million+ photos and videos from Getty Images, and the Premium library on our Professional Plus plan offers 100 million+ photos and video clips. Search for Mother's Day-related terms to find the right imagery for your video.

Tip #4: Make sure your videos are on-brand

One of the best practices for not only getting your videos viewed but getting them recognized is bringing them on brand, which you can do with the click of a button using Saved Brands.

Saved Brands help you save time by cutting out repetitive tasks like changing fonts, applying your colors, and uploading your logo. You can create one Saved Brand with our Professional plan or create multiple Saved Brands using our Professional Plus plan.

While the Professional plan grants you access to 40 fonts, you can bring your video entirely on brand by uploading your own font with the Professional Plus plan.

Our Service Brand Story and Product Brand Story templates can help you tell your unique story in minutes.

Get started

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