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The 3 P’s that Define Your Brand Story – and How to Use Them with Video [WORKSHEET]

Madison Fraitag


Whether you’re starting out with a new brand or you’re looking to define who you are as a business, we recommend defining your 3 P’s: Purpose, Promise, and Personality.

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In this post, we’ll discuss what each of the 3 P’s mean, how they connect you to your customers, and how you can use each of them to create your own brand story video. Keep scrolling to get the downloadable worksheet to help you craft a script for your brand story video.

The 3 P’s of your brand

A brand identity is often defined as a kit of fonts, colors, and a logo, but brand recognition can go far beyond visuals–although they have an impact as well.

Exploring the 3 P’s is an exercise designed to help you clarify who you are, what you have to offer, and why you do what you do as a brand. Doing this will help your brand resonate with customers on a deeper level, attracting them to connect with you, your product or service, and your vision.


Your brand’s purpose is the reason why you do what you do. It helps build trust with your customers and give them a reason to believe and invest in your business. When you’re identifying your purpose, keep in mind why you started your business, what problem your products or services solve, and who your business aims to serve.

Identifying your purpose makes it easy to tell customers exactly what they can expect from working with you. Is your purpose to help couples plan their dream wedding on a budget? Your videos should make it clear that they can expect an affordable experience with someone who values their wants and needs.

Want to see a purpose statement in action? Check out our Product Brand Story template with a brand story built right in, then customize it to tell your own story in minutes.


Your brand’s promise is different from your purpose, focusing on what you have to offer your customers outside of your specific product or service. This could be an unique experience, an affordable product line, an environmental commitment, or any other added perk to working with your business.

To define your promise, think about the specific experience or value you want to deliver to your customers. What is your motivation behind this? How do you want them to feel after engaging with your business? These elements of your offering outside of your specific product or service make up your promise.

Our Service Brand Story template includes a promise statement, tweak it to match your brand and you’re all set.


Last but not least, your personality is the complete makeup of your tone of voice, visual aesthetics, and characteristics as a company that make you you. Your personality is what makes you stand out against your competition and draws in your target audience, helping to gain brand recognition and trust.

To define your brand’s personality, take a look at your purpose and promise statements. What are you offering as a company? Who are you hoping to attract and connect with through your brand story? What specific tone, words, and qualities best represent your brand? Keep all of these things in mind as you add text and music to your videos, conveying your personality clearly can be the key to reeling in new customers.

Looking to apply your existing brand visuals to your video? Check out all of our subscription plans for advanced design features including using your custom brand colors.

Creating your brand story video

Telling your story with video is an easy way to connect with both existing and potential customers quickly. When you take the time to share your 3 P’s with viewers, it's like allowing them to get to know you. You’re letting them see the parts of your brand they can care about, relate to, and eventually invest in.

To help you start building brand awareness and loyalty now, we’ve created an interactive worksheet to help you explore your 3 P’s and write your video script–and we threw in 2 templates with best practices built right in.

Write your script

Ready to write your brand story? Download the interactive worksheet here to either type your script on your device, or print out multiple copies to use in a company workshop.


In this worksheet you’ll define each of your 3 P’s, followed by writing your video script. We’ll share the format for this script here as well to make things even easier.

Note: For Safari users, PDF files do not always load correctly. To download the interactive worksheet, we recommend copying the PDF’s URL from Safari and pasting it into another browser.

Block 1: The hook First up is the hook. Start with a question, statistic, or problem statement that your target customer will relate to.

Block 2: Introduce your brand Now’s your chance to bring in your brand and offering. Your next video block should tell viewers how you answer that question, relate to that stat, or solve that problem.

Block 3: Your brand’s purpose Now that they recognize the problem and know that you can solve it, it’s time to reel them in with your brand’s purpose.

Block 4: Your promise to your customer Last chance to set yourself apart and convince viewers to follow through with your business. Revisit your list above and use this part of your script to share–and maybe brag a little–about your purpose.

Block 5: Call to action They’re sold! Use your final block to let viewers know where they can go or what they can do to take the next step with your brand. Some example CTAs are “Visit our website,” “Get started now,” or “Follow us on social!”

Make your video now

Now that you have your script, all that’s left is piecing your video together! We’ve got two templates that’ll do the trick.

First is our Product Brand Story template, designed to tell the story of your brand and product line. If you’re selling an item or line of items, this is the template for you. Copy and paste your script into each block and drag-and-drop your own content to create a brand story video in minutes.

Looking to tell the story of your service? No worries, we’ve created a template just for you. Tell the tale of your unique offering and show off your brand to potential clients with our Service Brand Story template.

You’ve got all the tools needed to create an informative brand story video, get started free with Animoto today to bring your story to life!

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