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7 Easy Mother’s Day Stories for Instagram

Eliza Talvola


Mother’s Day is coming up, and Instagram Stories can be a fun place to celebrate—whether you’re celebrating your own mom, your customers who are moms, or promoting a sale.


It’s not too late to create a collection of mom-inspired quotes or a last-minute video to thank the moms in your office. To make your life easier, we’ve rounded up seven quick and easy Mother's Day Story and Reel ideas that you can create in minutes. Let's dive in and start making some videos for moms!

All of the templates below can be resized to vertical 9:16 with a single click.

Idea #1: Mother's Day promo

Did you know that Mother’s Day is one of the leading holidays for consumer spending? In 2023, Americans spent $35.7 billion on Mother's Day gifts, up nearly $4 billion from 2022. Individually, shoppers spent a record-breaking ~$274.02 per person on gifts for mom.

So keep your brand top of mind for Mother's Day shoppers! Create a Mother's Day promo video that you can share on Instagram Stories, Reels, TikTok, and more. This free video template makes it easy!

Idea #2: Gift cards

Help out shoppers who aren't sure what to get Mom by suggesting a gift card! Mom can use it later on, and your gift-giver can make sure the recipient gets exactly what they want.

Create a Mother's Day Story like the one below, then add any info that might make it even easier for your followers to purchase and redeem your gift card.

Idea #3: Celebration of your customers

Celebrate all the moms who follow you by giving them a shoutout in your Stories with our Mother's Day Card template. Ask them to share how they're spending Mother's Day this year and offer a chance to be featured in your Stories.


Idea #4: Celebration of your employees

This one goes out to all the moms who help your business thrive. Create an Instagram Story recognizing their hard work and dedication, both in and out of the workplace.

customer call out instagram story

Idea #5: Trip down memory lane

Give your followers a glimpse into your personal life with a quick compilation of photos featuring your mother or yourself with your own kids. If Mom is on Instagram, tag her too to make her day.

Idea #6: Mother’s Day quote collection

Inspirational quotes can serve as quick and easy content for your Instagram Stories. So choose a favorite mom-related quote–or two or three–and pair them with an image or video clip. Check out these silly and sweet Mother’s Day quotes for ideas.


Idea #7: New post teaser

If you’ll be posting something for Mother’s Day in your Instagram Feed, use our New Post Teaser template to create a teaser for your Stories. Just update the media with a photo or video clip from your post.


Create Mother's Day Stories with Animoto

Videos for Instagram Stories and Reels are easy to make and can have a huge impact! Use any of the templates above to promote your product, rememeber Mom, or say Happy Mother's day to the women you love.