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How to Create Awesome GoPro Videos


When it comes to social media marketing, video is king, and GoPro is the go-to video recording device for creators who are on the move!

This blog discusses everything you need to know about GoPro, how to edit GoPro videos, and how Animoto can help improve engagement on social media.

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Why use a GoPro to make stunning videos?

The GoPro video camera transformed what it meant to capture a moment. These sleek and easily-mountable cameras can easily be attached to a helmet, bicycle handlebars, or a surfboard.

By making their cameras wearable, GoPro allowed users to share their perspectives, giving viewers the illusion of being right there too. On top of that, knowing how to edit GoPro videos will take your content to a new level of engagement.

The mix of waterproof technology, incredible durability, and the ability to seamlessly record extreme moments has made it a favorite for many. The strength of GoPro's brand has become synonymous with any compact action cameras and even off-brands are all now called GoPros.

What makes GoPro so popular for video creators?

GoPro gives users something completely new; you can go beyond just capturing experiences. Now, you can let your viewers feel their intensity.

Before GoPro, it was expensive even to try and capture the moment you jumped out of a plane or swam with some friendly turtles. The only real option was to haul an expensive, clunky two-pound camera with you, not a popular choice.

The boom of the internet and GoPro's success aren't a coincidence. As social media platforms grew, so did the opportunity for users to upload videos of their experiences.

As more people began using social media, for many, it seemed like a no-brainer to use a GoPro, capturing and sharing intense adventures.

Creating the sense of “being there” gave GoPro a competitive advantage over other brands. Platforms like YouTube and Instagram gave GoPro users the ability to share their first-hand perspective, something never before seen. Today, sharing adventures caught on your GoPro is becoming easier with pre-made templates like this Travel Story template:

Top 3 pros for using GoPro to make videos


Easily slides into your pocket, schoolbag, or luggage. Its tiny size makes it ideal for traveling, even if you like to travel light.


GoPro's main selling point, other than its size, is proven durability. Video after video shows these tiny cameras being dropped from speeding motorcycles, getting dunked in the ocean, or getting taken away by a rambunctious dog.They're always fine.

Easy to use

Using waterproof technology, made to withstand the harshest of conditions, and ease of use for capturing insane experiences, this camera is perfect for any situation.

GoPro, with its automatic settings, is designed to work for whatever you decide to do. With options for nighttime mode and low light, it's almost impossible to capture low-quality video.

Top 3 cons for using GoPro to make videos

Short battery life

Battery life is something to look out for if you're using your GoPro. Ideally, you can get a few hours, but most of the time, you can find your camera is almost out of battery life before the day's over.

A simple trick is to have an extra set of batteries on hand to swap out if the battery is nearly empty. Another tip is to use an external battery to charge your camera, letting it charge while you use it.

Performance issues

In all its glory, GoPro still has issues with low-light performance. As the camera's resolution has increased over the years, these tiny light sensors haven't seen any upgrades.

No zoom

The lens for GoPro is a fixed one, meaning there is no option to zoom. Some newer GoPro models offer an option called "digital zoom," rather than zooming in or out, though; it tends to crop the image.

Easily edit GoPro videos in 6 steps with Animoto

After looking through four hours of footage from some outrageous adventures, you find the holy grail. That thirty-second clip that's epic; that's the piece everyone will want to see. Don't be scared to trim down your video to showcase the highlight clips, and your friends will be in awe. Once you’ve chosen your favorite video clips, follow these steps to easily edit your GoPro video with Animoto:

1. Pick your video template

Animoto's library of video templates will spark some creative juices as you begin editing your video. Whether you're looking for templates for social media, promo videos, or possibly a birthday video, we've got you covered. For those who are looking to create their template, you can make a video from scratch.

2. Add your GoPro video clips

Begin with uploading any videos or pictures, whichever you like. Start with the media provided with the template or peek at the 100 million+ images in the Getty stock library. Finally, drag and drop your media into the project.

3. Add music to your GoPro video

The right music can make all the difference, taking an okay video to a new level. If you already have a song in mind, you can click the Your Audio tab to upload it. If you’re still searching for the right track to elevate your GoPro video, browse through thousands of licensed tracks in Animoto’s Music Library.

4. Add Voice-over to your GoPro video

Customize your video even more by utilizing our Voice-over feature. Click the Your Audio tab to upload your voice-over or record one within Animoto. With Voice-over, you can narrate your on-screen adventures, describing what it felt like scaling the side of a cliff or snorkeling with a school of fish.

5. Customize your GoPro video

Now in the template text, input your message. You can change the layout of the text and add any other media to tie it all together. Choose the look of your video in the Design tab by adding some eye-catching fonts, filters, or brand colors.

If you're unsure of what to pick, check out our curated themes to find some inspiration for your GoPro video. Finally, you can choose a track from our library of licensed songs that fits the mood of your video.

6. Preview and export your GoPro video

Last but not least, click the play button in the bottom left-hand corner to preview your GoPro video. Once you're all set and ready to go, export the finished video.

You can now post your video to social media right from Animoto, share through email, or embed it on your website. Any videos created using Animoto are saved on your account if you decide to make changes in the future.

Why Animoto is the best GoPro video editor out there


Using Animoto gives you the ability to be creative when editing their video without any expert knowledge. Our user-friendly technology gives anybody the ability to take something they imagined and turn it into reality.

Easy to use

Animoto gives users the ability to create an eye-catching marketing project or an engaging slideshow easily. The easy-to-use setup allows users to pick templates that suit their needs, upload their videos, and then export in minutes, it's just that easy.

Edit your GoPro videos with Animoto today

Now that you know how to edit GoPro videos, time to make some magic! Get started using Animoto to make some stellar GoPro clips that are eye-popping. Check out our social media video maker and get started today!