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Using Video in the Classroom to End the School Year

Madison Fraitag


It’s that time of year again, and whether you’re a student, teacher, administrator, or parent, the end of the school year is always a busy time. Between final projects and classroom clean-out, ending the academic year requires clear communication and, for graduating students, some well-deserved celebration.

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Make the end of this school go smoothly with video. In this post, we’ll go over all the different ways video can play a role in your classroom this time of year, including the templates that make it quick and easy.

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Using video for your school or classroom newsletter

As the school year winds down, teachers and administrators will likely have important updates that need to reach students and their families. Communicate clearly with the Weekly Newsletter template, then share it via email or during morning announcements to have your updates heard.

Using video to send end-of-the-year updates and tips

The end of the year can be a stressful time for students. Send out daily or weekly wellness tips to manage the workload of finals season using the Daily Check-in template.

Don’t leave any room for miscommunication in the classroom. Keep them in the loop on important updates with the Public Service Announcement template, just replace the stock to fit a classroom setting and edit the text with your high-priority updates.

Using video to recap the school year

A lot happened this year, and whether your class met in person or on Zoom, there are plenty of moments to look back on. Recap them all with our This Year’s Moments template, then share with the entire class to reminisce on a year of hard work and celebrate all they’ve achieved.

Using video for final exams and assignments

Make preparing for final exams and assignments easier for your students with an Assignment Instructions video, answering all of their questions in one easy-to-understand video. Give this template a try before your grade book closes for the year.

Time to tackle your summer work? Give your teacher something to talk about with an engaging Educational Presentation video. Use this template to break down a complex topic, deliver a dynamic book report, or even to create a visual study guide ahead of exams.

Using video for summer homework

For students who aren’t crossing the stage at commencement this year, summer homework is next on their plate. Make their workload a bit more fun by assigning a Book Report video.

Assigning more than one book, or just looking to encourage additional reading for the summer season? Share your full list or requirements or recommendations using the Suggested Reading List template.

Using video to congratulate graduates

Say congrats, farewell, and good luck to your graduating students with a festive Graduation Message video, a thoughtful and fun gift for everyone from preschoolers to graduating seniors.

Getting ready to graduate? Look back on your time with your classmates using the Graduation Memories template, optimized with a vertical video ratio for easy sharing on your social media Stories.

Using video for a summer or graduation party invitation

The year is nearly done, get ready to celebrate all you’ve accomplished! Send out an invite to your start-of-summer party or graduation festivities with the Event RSVP template. Customize the images and text to match your event details, then either share the open invitation on social media or in a class group chat, or email it directly to family and friends. You can also create an "I Graduated" video to announce your accomplishments before the party!

Using video to welcome new students to your school

It’s never too early to prep for the year to come! Send your incoming students a welcome video letting them know what they can expect from their time at your school or in your classroom. Customize the About Us template to tell them all about your school, and be sure to include any info they’ll need to prepare for the school year to come.

Using video to introduce yourself to your new class

Starting with a new teacher can be nerve-racking for younger students. Send out a Self-Introduction video to let them know who you are and what they can expect from the year ahead far in advance. When you upgrade to the Professional and Professional Plus plans, you can also record a personalized voice-over message so students can get to know you better!

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