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2023 Guide to Video Marketing for Growing D2C Businesses


Video marketing is the key to growing your business in 2022. With more users gravitating to video marketing, the world of direct-to-consumer (D2C) companies needs to keep up. This blog looks at the benefits of video marketing for business, tips on how video marketing can help grow your D2C business in 2022, and how Animoto can help.

guide to video marketing for business

What is D2C video marketing?

D2C marketing stands for direct-to-consumer. With no go-between, businesses can directly serve the needs of their customers. This differs from traditional B2C business models that typically require wholesalers or retailers.

The growth of retail ecommerce sales over the years has allowed D2C businesses to flourish by giving them a direct line of communication to their customers.

D2C marketing has been around for decades. Years ago, the cosmetics company Avon initially sent mail-order catalogs directly to their customers. Today, some direct-to-consumer brands like GymShark, Dollar Shave Club, and Casper use their ecommerce platforms to reimagine the original mail-order model.

Why should your D2C business invest in video marketing?

Customers want to know what they're buying and who is behind the product or service. Video marketing adds a human element by putting a face to the name. Brands that take advantage of video marketing can better connect with their target audience.

Consumers rated video the #1 most helpful form of content when shopping online. When marketing videos are done well, they give customers the ability to imagine themselves regularly using your products.

What are the benefits of D2C video marketing?

Branding control

In traditional B2C business models, the retailer typically has some control over branding. After all, the products that you manufacture are being sold in their stores. Retailers can frame the brand to their benefit to increase sales. With a D2C model, you deal directly with the customer and control your brand.

Open to innovation

When manufacturers are operating their own storefronts, they have the freedom to launch and test new products on their schedule. The company has the flexibility to go back to the drawing board, make necessary changes, and continue producing cutting-edge products. This type of creative freedom could hopefully lead to more innovation.

Nurture potential customers

As a D2C business, it's essential to focus on nurturing customers who are already interested but haven't made a purchase yet. The focus here is to show your potential customers why your product or service is what they need.

Here are some video marketing statistics from Hubspot about how videos help in the nurturing stage:

  • 94% of video marketers said that video marketing helped increase user understanding of a product or service
  • 95% of viewers said they retained a message they saw on a marketing video

Increase conversions and boosts sales

Video marketing has become the key to converting customers. It allows viewers to see how the product or service is used, which helps push them towards the purchase stage.

Here are some video marketing statistics about how videos help increase conversions:

  • 84% of video marketers said video has helped them generate leads
  • 78% of marketers said that video marketing directly helped increase sales

Customers prefer video

When marketing videos are done well, they can showcase your products or services better than static images. They also change how customers view and engage with the product or service.

Here are some video marketing statistics on why customers prefer video:

  • 86% of people would like to see more video from brands
  • 68% of consumers prefer to watch a video to learn about new products or services
  • 96% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service

Tips to start your D2C video marketing strategy

1. Add tutorials and demos

Tutorial and demo videos are perfect for showing how your product or service works. These types of marketing videos can guide customers and build trust. Videos allow customers to easily compare features before purchasing. Show your customers that you’re an expert in your field with this how-to video template.

Pro tip: Complement your on-screen tutorial or demo with vocal explanations using our Voice-over feature.

2. Be a storyteller

A good story will keep customers interested and wanting more. Using stories in your video marketing strategy allows the audience to connect with the brand's messaging and mission.

3. Showcase brand personality

Video marketing allows for brand personality to truly shine. Videos give the chance to share the company culture and see the people behind the product or service and what makes the business special.

4. Use customer-generated content

Magic can happen when companies include their target audience in their marketing strategy. This magic is customer-generated content. Give your customer the center of your brand's story to strengthen customer loyalty. It also shows that customers not only use your product or service, but they love it.

5. Include your CTAs

A compelling call-to-action (CTA) with all of your marketing videos is a must. A CTA can be the difference between someone clicking through to your website or not. Most viewers will move on if it's not urgent, compelling, or engaging enough.

6. Optimize videos for SEO

Many people don't realize that Google indexes YouTube videos. When someone searches for your brand and uses a specific phrase, there's the opportunity to show up multiple times in a single search.

Video descriptions should include relevant keywords to increase visibility. By adding shortened links with a compelling CTA, viewers will jump to your website or check out your landing page for special offers.

How to make D2C marketing videos with Animoto

1. Pick your D2C marketing video template

Animoto's wide selection of video templates will spark some of your creative juices. Whether it's templates for social media, web series videos, or possibly an educational how-to video, we've got you covered. You can make a video from scratch if you’re feeling bold. Create an awareness ad for your product or service with this template:

2. Add your D2C marketing video clips

Begin by uploading your D2C marketing video clips. Then, add additional media to your video with our stock library of millions of photos, video clips, and graphics from Getty Images. Finally, drag and drop your media into the project.

3. Customize your D2C marketing video

Add movement and creativity to your marketing video by exploring video and text styles. They offer a unique way to elevate your video and impress your customers.

If you’re on a Professional or Professional Plus plan, you can use your own font, logo, and brand colors in your video by creating a Saved Brand.

Lastly, choose the best song or multiple songs to represent your brand from our library of licensed songs. Add a professional intro and outro, use different songs to

4. Start collecting feedback

Getting multiple perspectives on your video is always a best practice, but it can be tricky without the right tools. With the Professional Plus plan, you can use Commenting to collect and respond to feedback all within Animoto.

First, you can invite reviewers across multiple teams to review your video via a private feedback link. Once they create a free Animoto account, they can pause your video and leave specific feedback down the second. It’s a great way to recap and review your video before sending it off. Read this how-to guide to learn more

5. Preview and export your D2C marketing video

Finally, click the play button in the bottom left-hand corner to preview your D2C marketing video. When you’re ready, export the finished video. You can either download your video to your device or share it directly to social media. Animoto will save any videos you make and keep them safely in your account.

5 most popular marketing video types

Behind-the-scenes video

Behind-the-scenes marketing videos show how products are made and how the company operates. Many customers find these videos interesting because it shows the manufacturing process and the amount of craftsmanship required. After customers see and understand the process, they can become more invested in the brand.

Customer testimonial video

Customer testimonials are a great way to attract new customers. Using existing customers to sell your brand provides social proof and credibility. Potential customers see testimonials from existing customers as legitimate sources.

Employee portrait video

The employee portrait video gives the backstory of the people who work in the company. Create a human connection with your customers by sharing your story. You can create a video that explains why the company was founded, the values that the company is built on, or the goals that the company hopes to achieve.

Product demonstration

The purpose of a product demonstration video is to simply to show off your product or service. Show videos and photos of your product in action so that potential customers can imagine themselves using it.

For D2C video marketing, Animoto is the answer

Creating D2C marketing videos for business with Animoto's online video editor is fast and easy. In minutes you can craft some fantastic videos that can elevate your marketing efforts and showcase your brand's personality. So what are you waiting for? Get started today with Animoto!