Video Marketing

How to Make a Professional Teaser Video for Your Brand


A teaser video gives a chance for your brand to engage with your audience by building excitement around a new release of a product or service.

This blog explains how to make a professional teaser video for your brand, tips on creating an excellent teaser video, and how Animoto can help you build a professional teaser video in minutes.

how to make a teaser video

What is a teaser video?

Teaser videos, which are sometimes called sizzle reels, are short clips designed to introduce your company quickly.

Whether it's an online commercial or social media post, the teaser videos that go viral strike the perfect balance between creating anticipation and encouraging engagement.

For these marketing videos, companies need to know their target audience. Teaser videos can easily tap into their values and interests, which leads to deeper connections.

A teaser video's primary goal is to generate brand awareness in 30 seconds or less, and just when you've got the customer hooked, the video leaves them wanting more.

An excellent teaser video will spark curiosity and follow with a description of the company to address any unanswered questions. Once you know how to make a teaser video, you'll connect more quickly to your audience.

Why are teaser videos important for businesses?

A fifteen-second video can share just as much as a blog that takes five minutes to read. The difference is that the video does it a lot faster. Video marketing isn't something new, but it's the best tool a brand can use to grab the attention of its target audience.

Create excitement

Teaser videos help generate excitement within your audience. Just like film teasers that show you what's to come, product teaser videos can do the same for your business!

Increase brand awareness

A professional teaser video only gives a sample taste of what's to come, and this is a great advantage for companies to help build brand awareness. Use consistent visuals and sounds in your teaser videos to build a strong and recognizable brand.

Repurposing material

Teaser videos are for the world of social media. Teaser video content has a lot of versatility, making it easily shareable across many different social media platforms. By repurposing the video material, brands have a much better chance of building hype around their new product or service and, eventually, an entire community of fans.

Target audience feedback

Teaser videos build anticipation for your audience, but it also acts as a form of engagement. Target audience members can share their critiques on releasing a new product or service, a vital tool for a brand. Using the feedback from viewers gives a brand the ability to adjust their product or service before release, making for a happy audience who will love the new product or service that much more.

How to make a teaser video with Animoto

Choose a teaser video template

Animoto's library is full of teaser video templates. Choose from announcement templates, podcast previews, or even sneak peek teaser videos. Your audience will be hungry for more with any of our templates. With the power of Animoto's online video editor, your teaser videos are sure to stand out.

Add media to your teaser video

Upload your video clips into the video editor with Animoto's simple drag and drop process. In need of more media? Our stock media library is full of great content.

Customize your teaser video

Add text and video styles to create an engaging video that will leave your audience wanting more. Add tracks from our music library to elevate your teaser video.

Animoto also lets you create a Saved Brand if you’re on a Professional or Professional Plus plan. By using your own fonts, colors, and logos, your teaser video will be instantly recognizable.

Gather video feedback

If you want to start gathering feedback before you post your video, there’s a tool for that. Professional Plus users have access to Commenting, a way to collect and respond to feedback all within Animoto.

Once you’re ready to start gathering feedback from clients or colleagues, you can generate a private feedback link that allows them to leave time-stamped feedback on your video. Check out this how-to guide to learn more.

Preview and share your teaser video

Almost done! Click the play button in the bottom left-hand corner, and you'll be able to preview your teaser video. Once you’ve collected your feedback and feel everything that is ready, export the final version of your video.

From there, you can share your video right from Animoto. All of your videos will be saved securely in your account.

Tips for making a professional teaser video

Add music to your teaser video

The power of music for any marketing video can't be understated, and teaser videos are no different. Browse through Animoto’s music library by mood or genre to find the song that fits your video.

Include a voice-over

Adding Voice-over to your video is a great way to complement your on-screen visuals with vocal explanations and create a more personal connection with your audience.

Create brand awareness

Including your company’s brand is an essential way to ensure that your audience knows who is talking to them. But brand awareness doesn’t just come from your company name. Use colors, fonts, logos, sounds, and more to build your brand. A professional teaser video only gives you a few seconds to show off your brand, so make sure you're instantly recognizable.

Use a call-to-action

A teaser video should encourage the audience to take action. Depending on your business, this action could be signing up for your newsletter, following you on social media, or anything that allows you to continuously engage with your audience. Once the product or service that you’re teasing is finally available, your audience needs to know about it.

Use the right hashtags

The world of marketing loves its hashtags. The hashtag, when used correctly, can be a fantastic tool to generate relevant traffic to your teaser video. It’s likely that your video will be posted on social media, so a strong hashtag strategy can garner more engagement. Take a look at your competitors' hashtags as a starting point.

Captivating teaser video ideas (and templates) for your business

Product Teaser videos

Don’t wait until your latest product launches to start building anticipation! Use this luxe product teaser template to showcase the best features of your newest products.

Realtors can get in on the action too! Let buyers know when they should keep an eye out for a stunning new property that’s about to hit the market.

Sale teaser videos

Get shoppers excited for your biggest sales of the year! This Black Friday teaser template will have your audience ready to add to cart as soon as you launch.

Service Teaser videos

Planning to offer a new service? Hook your audience with a question in this short, simple video about your service.

Content Teaser videos

Boost the traffic to a new blog, webinar, or in-demand social post by setting it up with a teaser. Not only will this drive traffic to this particular post, but it will make your audience more likely to hit the post reminders button in the future.

Give your audience a preview of your podcast with this simple teaser. Include a very short audio snippet of your upcoming episode to draw your audience in and encourage them to to listen to the full podcast.

Create teaser videos with Animoto

The marketing world is all about videos these days, especially teaser videos. A teaser video allows your brand to hear your target market's thoughts and feelings about your product or service.

Animoto's selection of fantastic teaser videos will show you how to make a teaser video and have your audience talking about your company in no time.