Celebrate the Decades with Video

Cecilia Robinson


You’ve made a lot of memories over the years, from your graduation day to your summer holiday in Italy. Whether it’s a 40th birthday or 75th, celebrate all the decades passed and those to come with a retrospective highlight video.

Looking for inspiration? Check out these takes on milestone birthdays:

Life story

A classic choice for milestone birthdays is a timeline video of your loved one’s life. Pick out photos from important events and weave them together into a one-of-a-kind narrative. Use title cards to add details like graduation and wedding dates.

Childhood flashback

It’s never too late to tease your siblings with embarrassing childhood photos. Dig around for old pictures – whether they’re in boxes in the attic or buried in the depths of Facebook – and put them into a flashback video that commemorates your relationship.

Looks through the decades

Fashions change over the years, and so does personal style. Group pictures and video clips together by their eras, and add your own quirky descriptions—from the “goofy” to “chic.”

From the whole family

Sometimes you want to celebrate not just a person’s life, but also the family they’ve brought together. Get relatives to help out and feature pictures of siblings, children, grandchildren and more.

Got an idea for a special milestone birthday video? Share your ideas in the comments!