5 Ideas for Integrating Video into Your Curriculum

Lauren Colman


We’ve updated this post with even more ways to create dynamic, multimedia lessons. Take a look at 10 Ways to Add Video to Your Classroom.

Get students excited to learn with video! Animoto makes it easy to incorporate multimedia learning into a teacher’s curriculum. Take a look at the below examples and think about how you can incorporate Animoto into your lesson plan.

Student Intros

You presented your teacher introduction video on the first day of class. Now have students create a 30 second video about themselves so they can all get to know each other. Help them with ideas for content. What did they do over the summer? What are their hobbies?

Current Events

No more boring journal entries for current events. Have your students create video news briefs about current or historical events. This is a great opportunity to also teach students about how to properly note photo attribution since they will likely be using photos they did not take themselves.

Virtual Field Trip

It can be logistically and economically challenging to get your entire class out on the open road to experience the world. Have students pick a local attraction like a national park or monument and create a video about it. It will feel like you are actually there!

Moving Flashcards

Make memorization fun again! Have students create an Animoto slideshow of vocabulary words, historical dates, the periodic table, etc. The music and images will help students better absorb the information and it is a lot more fun than index cards.

Cinematic Book Report

Students will improve reading comprehension when they turn their book report into a movie trailer! Have students select a major theme from the assigned novel and have them create a Hollywood-worthy 60-second video to present.

If you are ready to add Animoto to your curriculum find out how to get started with a free Educator account or watch a quick walk-through of creating your first video.