5 Easy-to-Use Animoto Education Features You Might Not Know About

Moira West


Updated July 8, 2019

You may know that Animoto is a great educational tool, but are you and your students using all the features you could be? After talking to teachers, we learned there were some basic parts of Animoto Education they were missing out on. So take a look at our list of features you might not know about:

1. Free education accounts

Many educators don’t realize that Animoto has free accounts for educators. It’s a simple application process, and if you’re approved for a free account, you’ll receive a promo code via email. Enter the code on your Animoto account page, and you’re set up with a free account for six months of full-length, watermark-free videos, like this one by For the Love of Reading blogger, Beth Hughes:

2. Free student accounts

In addition to your free account, you can also create 50 free student accounts linked to your own educator account. Your students’ accounts will have the same abilities your account does — all you need is a gmail address and a little free time to set up your students. We’ve created a quick tutorial showing you how to get your student accounts ready. After that, your students can get started creating videos.

3. Free education app

Do you have a Bring Your Own Device classroom? Animoto has a free iOS app that students can easily download onto smartphones or tablets, letting them make their own videos at home, in class, or even at lunch before class starts. Videos created on the Animoto app can be saved so you can access them later, or uploaded to Instagram or Facebook so you can easily share them with parents and students. Read up on how to use our app in this blog post.


4. Searchable music library

Take a little time to explore our library of licensed music. You can sort songs by genre or take a look at what’s popular on our site. Once you find a tune you like, you can save it on your Favorites list to use again and again. If you’re still not sure where to begin, you can take a look at this introduction to our music library that’ll turn you into an Animoto music expert in no time.

5. Voice-over

Let students narrate their own projects with our one-click voice-over tool. Voice-over lets students create their own, documentary-style videos. It can also help students still developing their reading and writing skills. Learn more about how to add voice-over to your videos here.

There are a lot of options for educators looking to add video to their classroom. Sign up for your free account, get your students signed up too, and then start exploring all the different ways you can improve and personalize your videos.