5 Different Ways to Use Video Newsletters at Your School

Moira West


A video newsletter, like our school newsletter storyboard, lets you share a general update about your school. But if you get creative, you can find ways to focus your newsletter to share a specific message or reach a target audience. Take a look at a few of the different ways you can customize your school newsletter to make it easier for you to reach the audience you want.

5 Different Ways to Use Video Newsletters at Your School

1. Post an alumni digest: Focus on your school’s graduates with a newsletter highlighting alumni events or profiles of alumni who’ve gone on to do great things. For inspiration, take a look at this New York University Alumni Association video, sharing alumns who’ve gone on to be featured in Forbes 30 under 30.

2. Share a school sports roundup: No matter what the season, there’s always a sport worth talking about. Make it easy to keep fans up to date with a newsletter featuring upcoming games, highlights from the latest head-to-head, and even player bios or stats.

3. Send out a donor newsletter: If you’ve got a school that relies on donations, let your donors know you care by crafting a video illustrating how you’re spending the money they’ve invested in the school, and how important that investment is.

4. Make a teaser for the school paper: Let your school community know the latest edition of the school paper is out by posting a quick teaser with headlines on Facebook and Twitter, and offer a link to the digital version of the paper, if available, as The College at Brockport’s newspaper does in the video below.

5. Create a virtual bulletin board: If you’ve got a TV set up near school entrances, put them to good use by broadcasting a virtual bulletin board throughout the day. Post info about after-school activities, important upcoming dates–even the day’s lunch menu can be worth sharing with students.

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