Use A Video Slideshow For Your School Presentation To Get An A+!

Megan Etzel


School Chalkboard

Nowadays It’s pretty standard to create school presentations with video.

Use Animoto for Education to get the grade you want with a video slideshow!

You can use Animoto to explain the life of your favorite poet for English class, display still life photos from Photography, or illustrate a historical event. Animoto helps make school life easier – and more fun.

When creating your Animoto for school, it helps to keep a file that will hold all of your information in one place. This makes it quick and easy to upload your selected photos and videos.


After you have collected your imagery, pick a style from the “Create Video” page. More generic styles, such as the Original or Air are great for school projects.


Before you press “create,” you’ll need photos, text, and video clips that will work for your project. Find these photos in places like our photo library, or in various public domain image resources throughout the web.


Animoto has great music that you can use for free! The instrumental section provides a nice back sound to your presentation, but doesn’t distract the viewer from the information being presented.


On the last step, write a quick description so your teacher knows exactly why you’re creating this video.

Now you know how to make a video that is a wonderful alternative to a Power Point Presentation. Animoto can cut your work time in half and still leave your teacher impressed with the music and magic of your video!

See how teachers and students alike use video slideshows for education.

Note: The video in this article was created with Animoto Memories, an Animoto legacy slideshow-making tool. As of October 2018, all Animoto customers have access to our new easy-to-use, drag-and-drop video maker.

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