How to Make a Great Company Holiday Video

Jeff Platt


The holidays are a great time for businesses to express genuine appreciation and connect with customers in a more personal way. And what better way to do that than with a company year-end video? Below, we’ll show you some examples of four of the most popular types of office holiday videos. You’ll notice some overlap, so don’t feel confined to just one as you’re finding inspiration for your own video greeting.

How To: Make a Great Company Holiday Video

Four popular types of company holiday videos

Wishing customers happy holidays

Videos are more personal and generally less expensive to produce than traditional paper cards. And, if done right, they can have a positive impact and go a long way towards building good will for your brand. Just keep in mind that you’re not trying to sell anything with your holiday video; it should express sincere gratitude and holiday sentiments, while showcasing your company’s unique culture and personality.

The “Happy Holidays” greeting is the most common type of corporate holiday video card, sending viewers good wishes from the team. The possibilities are truly endless here, from a simple slideshow of team members or a group photo of the entire company, to a more elaborate reveal of the holiday message. You can even create a video using just stock images and our Holiday Greeting template, which we customized below.

Sharing your year in review

The year in review video greeting lets you recap events or happenings at a company throughout the past year. The best ones, however, use this type of video to communicate more than a laundry list of events or achievements; they weave together a story of sorts, mixing in personal, cultural and business achievements, rather than simply patting themselves on the back.

Expressing gratitude

Many companies use holiday videos to thank customers for their business. These types of videos work not just to thank clients, but also for partners, investors, vendors, and so on. The most effective videos of this sort usually speak directly to the audience in a heartfelt way.

Quirky videos, memes, and pop culture spoofs

Some of the most popular holiday videos tap into a popular song, trending news topic, or internet meme to show a company’s creativity, with employees exhibiting their talents and humor. The best of these typically do the following:

  • Do something silly or quirky
  • Have employees dress up in character and act out a scene
  • Plan a lip dub with an entire team or staff
  • Make a stop motion video

NOTE: One word of caution if you’re planning to use a song for your own video: watch out for music rights. In other words, be sure you have the rights to use a song in your video, or you may end up in hot water. If you’re using music found in Animoto, you’ll be fine though. It’s already licensed for your use.

If you don't have many resources, you can still create a playful holiday video. For example, you can create a stop motion video, like the one below, with just a couple photos from our Getty Images library of stock. Just repeat and rotate an image or zoom in on part of a photo and move it a little bit at a time using our photo burst feature.

So there you have it—four popular types of company holiday video greetings, ranging from the straightforward to the zany. There’s no shortage of ideas here, so we hope you feel inspired to make your own holiday video greeting.