How to Stand Out with a Real Estate Video Bio: 5 Tips

Megan O'Neill


There are over 2 and a half million real estate agents and brokers in the United States alone. What are you doing to differentiate yourself from your competition?

A video bio is a nice way to establish rapport and show potential buyers and sellers who you are and what it would be like to work with you. But what should go into your video, how long should it be, and how should you promote it? We’ve put together a list of five tips to help you create a great video bio that will make you stand out.

Be yourself

The purpose of a video bio is to show potential clients what it would be like to work with you — and your personality is a big part of this. Don’t be afraid to share a bit about your background, your family, or what you enjoy doing outside of work; wear clothing that you’d wear on a typical work day and feel comfortable in; and just be yourself. Whether you’re taking clients on the road to look at different properties or selling their homes, you’ll be spending a lot of time with them. It’s important to get your personality across so that they’ll know you’re someone they can get along with.

Realtor Jamie Vierra does a nice job of injecting his personal experience into his video bio, below, and realtor Leigh Brown provides some great tips in our blog post on selling yourself with video.

Touch on your professional experience

While your video bio shouldn’t be a resume-like list of every single one of your accomplishments, it’s important to touch on your relevant professional experience. What residential areas do you do the most work in? What’s your sales track record like? You can include a bit about your professional experience when you first introduce yourself.

Include branding and a call to action

To make your video look more professional, and be more effective at generating leads, add your logo and select a video style that fits with your brand. Select your own colors, fonts, and transitions, and upload your logo. To find out more, check out our blog post on best practices for adding a logo to your video.

You’ll also want to add a call to action to make sure viewers know how to get in touch with you after they’ve watched your video.

Keep it short

Earlier this year, as part of our Online and Social Video Marketing Study, we took a look at ideal video length. Viewers have short attention spans, so you’ll want to keep your video short as well. Rather than ramble on for 5 minutes, try to keep your video under a minute, if possible. At the longest, your video shouldn’t be more than 1 to 2 minutes.

Make your video bio easy to find

Finally, once your video is created it’s important to make sure potential clients can find it. You should definitely include it on your website. But here are some other places you should post your video to maximize reach:

  • On YouTube – This will help you appear above your competition in search results.
  • On your social media profiles – Post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and beyond.
  • In your email signature – This will get your video in front of potential clients that may have emailed you about a property but haven’t checked out your website.

Are you using a video bio to promote your real estate services? If so, we’d love to see it. Share a link with us in the comments below.