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Real Estate Video Marketing: The Essential Guide for Agents and Brokers

Eliza Talvola


Real estate video marketing is a landscape where a well-crafted video isn't just content, but a key to selling. Picture this: listings with videos receive 403% more inquiries than their static counterparts. That's the power we're tapping into.

Real Estate Video Marketing The Essential Guide for Agents and Brokers

Consider this blog your go-to manual for everything real estate video marketing. We'll share the strategies used by successful realtors, show you what they’re doing, and equip you with real estate video ideas and templates that you can start using today.

The fundamentals of real estate video marketing

In today's digital landscape, where attention is fleeting, real estate videos have become an indispensable tool for capturing and retaining your audience’s interest. From day one, buyers and sellers are actually seeking out videos.

A whopping 73% of homeowners said they want to work with realtors who create videos, yet only 10% of agents actually make them. Why do you think that is? Because videos are hard to make? They don’t have the time? They don’t know where to get started? We’ll answer all those questions and provide quick solutions in this blog so you can easily create videos that stand out.

Real estate videos serve distinct purposes, from immersive property tours that bring listings to life, to agent introductions that establish trust and credibility. With each video, you can grow your brand presence online with impressive and professional content.

Types of real estate marketing videos

  • Property tours and walkthroughs
  • Listing videos
  • Neighborhood highlights
  • Agent “about me” videos
  • Client testimonials
  • Quote videos
  • Market trend videos
  • About us videos
  • Just sold videos
  • Event promotions and open house videos

Get started with this list of real estate video ideas and templates!

How to create captivating real estate videos

The key to a successful real estate video lies in crafting a clear and compelling message, including impressive and eye-catching videos, and concluding with a strong call to action to prompt viewer engagement. The rest is all about letting your photos shine.

You don’t have to be a professional video maker to make impressive real estate videos. With these tips and free video templates, you can create videos that capture attention and drive conversions.

  • Start with a script to get a lay of the land. Think about the key features and benefits of the property that you want to showcase. Be sure to include details that evoke emotion and paint vivid pictures of “home” for viewers.
  • Record high-quality videos of your home. When filming, use smooth and steady camera movements to provide a professional look. Pay attention to lighting, capturing the property in its best natural light to enhance its appeal. If available, you can use drone footage to showcase your properties with stunning views. Don’t have any videos? No problem. You can transform your photos into a video with music, animations, and text.
  • Add engaging music to set the mood and pace, but ensure it doesn't overpower the narration or property sounds. Remember, the key is to showcase the property's uniqueness, whether it's a breathtaking view, modern amenities, or charming architectural details.
  • Apply your brand elements like your colors, logo, and font to build a strong brand identity.
  • Use webcam recordings to introduce agents to your audience and have them walk through features of the home and share tips and news. This can help you build personal connections before the first contact.

By following these steps, your real estate listing videos are sure to captivate and resonate with potential buyers.

Unlock the potential of real estate video makers

Creating a real estate marketing video doesn’t have to be any harder than sharing a photo, and anyone can create one. All you need is a real estate video maker like Animoto. These video makers take all the guesswork out of video making. They put the tools you need, and only the tools you need, in front of your team, making it easy to create professional videos with user-friendly tools.

Creating a video like the one below is as easy as selecting a template, applying your brand, and dragging and dropping your media. Let me show you how!



Real estate video marketing guide: Adding media


Real estate video marketing: Applying your brand


Real estate video marketing: Adding your message

Maximize the impact of real estate video marketing:

Once you’ve created your videos, set them up for success by sharing on the right platforms, with the right message, at the right time.

Begin by optimizing your video titles, descriptions, and tags with relevant keywords to enhance search engine visibility. Use specific keywords that people are likely to search for when they're looking for your listings.You can use this free tool to identify your current keywords and discover new ones. Then, using these keywords, it’s time to craft your captions and metadata.

For platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin, you’ll want to focus on the caption and hashtags. Use this opportunity to highlight the key features of the property, share additional facts and stats, introduce your company, and compel potential buyers to learn more. On YouTube, consider creating a dedicated channel for your real estate videos. Add your optimized title and captions and share to the right playlist for easy navigation.

Using the analytics tools provided by these platforms, you can keep a close on your views, engagement, and click-through rates. Identify patterns in viewer behavior and preferences to tailor future content to see what your audience responds to. Pay particular attention to the demographic data of your audience such as location to ensure your videos are reaching the right target market.

Once you’ve identified your top-performing videos, boost them! You can boost specific Instagram or Facebook posts or replicate them in a paid ad. Target your audience based on who has engaged with your content and who you want to reach. Then, repeat the process and watch your videos take off.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to adjust your real estate video marketing strategy based on these insights, making adjustments to titles, descriptions, or posting times as needed.

Use Animoto’s free real estate video maker

Real estate video marketing is a real game-changer. Unlike photos and static listings, videos can instill confidence with potential buyers and sellers and foster a deeper connection with them from day one. Animoto's free online real estate video maker makes it easy to turn any idea into an engaging, shareable video. With this powerful resource at your fingertips, you and your team can set your listings apart and leave a lasting impression on potential buyers.

With just a few photos and videos, you can elevate your marketing materials and bring your marketing strategy into 2023.

Sign up for free and explore our full library of real estate marketing video templates.

Real estate video marketing FAQs

Is real estate videography worth it?

Real estate video marketing proves exceptionally valuable, especially when aiming to elevate property listings and create an immersive experience for potential buyers. The high-quality visual content effectively showcases unique property features, fostering greater appeal and significantly increasing the likelihood of successful transactions. In markets where visual engagement is paramount, and properties benefit from a more dynamic presentation, the investment in real estate video marketing emerges as an indispensable and extremely valuable tool for maximizing interest and facilitating successful property sales.

What are real estate videos?

Real estate videos are visual presentations that showcase properties, providing a dynamic and immersive experience for potential buyers by highlighting key features and the overall ambiance of the homes or spaces for sale. Types of real estate videos include listings, tours, about the neighborhood videos, about us videos, agent introductions, market tips and stats, and more.

How do you make videos for real estate agents?

To create effective videos for real estate videos for agents, begin by planning the content, focusing on highlighting key property features, neighborhood attractions, and the overall lifestyle. Use high-quality equipment for filming and pay attention to lighting and composition. Incorporate smooth camera movements and consider aerial shots for a comprehensive view. Utilize engaging narration or background music to enhance the viewing experience. Edit the footage with a real estate video maker, emphasizing key selling points and maintaining a cohesive flow. Finally, share the videos across relevant online platforms and social media to maximize exposure and attract potential buyers.