3 Ways You Should Be Marketing Your Product with Video

Megan O'Neill


Back in February, we shared some convincing stats around why you should have video on every product page, featuring a study from Liveclicker that showed that companies with more product videos saw higher conversion rates, as well as higher average order value. This week, Greg Jarboe shared some stats in a post on ReelSEO that prove even further that video is becoming a must for retailers.

Jarboe quotes some new stats from Google and YouTube’s annual digital holiday shopping research. Google/Ipsos MediaCT’s 2015 Consumer Holiday Intentions Study shows that consumers are turning to video more than ever before to influence their shopping decisions. We’ll dive into the different ways they’re using video to shop, and share some stats along the way.

Gift ideas

According to Google/Ipsos Media CT’s data, 26% of shoppers say that they use online video for gift ideas, and 32% say that they’re planning to turn to video more for this year’s holiday purchases. With over a quarter of shoppers getting their ideas for gifts via YouTube and other online video sources, you’re missing out if you aren’t uploading videos about your products.

How can you get in front of people that are looking for gift ideas? Make videos that showcase your products that are ideal for all the different gift occasions — birthday gift ideas, Valentine gift ideas, Christmas gift ideas, holiday gift ideas, and everything in between. When uploading your videos, be sure to include keywords related to gifts, gift ideas, and the names of different holidays and occasions to make sure they come up in search results. To learn more, check out our blog post on how to get discovered on YouTube.

Unboxing videos

Back in December 2014, a Google Millward Brown CE Study, also featured in Jarboe’s article, revealed that 64% of people shopping for consumer electronics watch videos on YouTube within the week before their purchase. Many of the videos that they’re watching are unboxing videos.

An unboxing video is just what it sounds like — a video in which a consumer takes a new product out of the box, showing off all the parts and features along the way. And unboxing videos aren’t just for electronics. In this video from A Beautiful Mess, we see the unboxing of a couple of stationery subscription kits.

What’s great about these types of videos is that they give potential buyers a deep dive into your product so they can get a better sense of the quality and what they’ll be receiving when they buy.

Customer reviews

Finally, when shoppers are considering a purchase, they often turn to peer reviews before making their final decision. In an Online and Social Video Marketing Study earlier this year, we found that 56% of consumers say customer testimonials are helpful in their purchase decisions.

Do you have happy customers that have reached out to you in the past? Ask them to do a video review for you — you can always offer perks, like a discount or free product, in exchange.

If you don’t have a customer that’s willing to speak on camera, you can make a video rounding up some of your positive Yelp reviews, as in this example from Vien Restaurant. Check out our customer testimonial blog post for more inspiration and examples.

Are you using video to market your product? We’d love to hear more about what you’re doing. Share your links and comments below.

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