See how these 3 Shopify businesses used video to drive sales, engagement, and brand awareness.
The Goal

Effectively marketing your ecommerce business

So, you’ve got a great product and you want to sell it online. You’ve mastered manufacturing, determined the right price points, and figured out your distribution plan. How do you let people know about your product and why it’s the best thing out there?

This is a common challenge for many ecommerce retailers. It’s easy to spend so much time on product development that you can’t find the time to effectively market your product or optimize your purchase flow. And effective marketing is no easy feat. It requires attention to your social footprint, a dip into paid advertising to amplify your message, and ensuring that your website is both beautiful and functional, guiding customers to purchase your products with ease.

That’s where Animoto and Shopify come in. A marketing match made in heaven, Animoto and Shopify can help your business both stand out on social, with thumb-stopping videos, and streamline your customers’ purchase experience with a professional, branded, and customizable storefront. We like to think of ourselves as the peanut butter and jelly of ecommerce retail. ;)

Read on to check out a few retailers that successfully used Animoto and Shopify together to achieve fantastic results for their businesses.

Nu-Era Bakery

4000 Facebook video shares later, this local bakery decided to start shipping.

Nu-Era Bakery is a local, brick-and-mortar bakery located in Logan, West Virginia, and founded in 1940. Libby and Larry Albright have been running the bakery since the 1990s. Libby and Larry had been active on social media and wanted to give video marketing a try. They decided to experiment by posting this Animoto marketing video, featuring the origin story of their popular pepperoni rolls, to their Facebook page.

As a result of sharing the video on Facebook, and promoting it for $250, Nu-Era received over 4,000 shares, 1,600 comments, and multiple inquiries from out-of-town fans asking for shipping. They were able to set up an online store using Shopify in a matter of days to respond to the nation-wide demand for their pepperoni rolls. They saw $2,200 in pepperoni roll sales in the first week alone.

Rescue Chocolate

Video helped this chocolate brand spread awareness and save the lives of pit bulls.

Rescue Chocolate is an online store, powered by Shopify, and certified B Corp that creates organic and vegan chocolates and donates net profits to animal shelters and rescue organizations. It was started by Sarah Gross.

In September 2016, city councilors in Montreal passed a pit bull ban and Sarah decided to create a video to generate awareness and education around the news. Her Facebook video reached over 1 million people organically and helped her to save the lives of thousands of pit bulls, which is the primary reason she started the business in the first place!

Brooklyn Grooming

Video led to a 31% traffic increase on this Brooklyn business’s Shopify site.

Brooklyn Grooming creates natural grooming products for men in their Brooklyn studio, which they sell online through their Shopify site. To generate more awareness during the holiday gift-giving season, they created a video with a bit of humor to attract attention to their store and products. They posted it on Facebook and promoted it with $200.

The website page for the “Machine Oil” product, which was featured in the video, received 3X more views than the weekly average. Machine Oil sales also increased by 2.5X and overall traffic to their Shopify site increased by 31 percent.

Key takeaways

Boost sales with paid and organic ads
Generate brand awareness on social
Drive demand with targeted messaging

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