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Animoto's drag and drop video maker allows you to turn photos and video clips into a touching memorial video set to music. No video editing experience necessary.

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Celebrate the life of a loved one in a tribute video

Honor the life of your loved one by creating a slideshow video that tells their story. Combine photos and video clips with music to create a video that’ll help their memory live on. Share your video at a funeral service or memorial. You can also create a video album as a keepsake to share it with future generations. Use video to keep the memories of your loved one alive for years to come.

Make a Memorial Video

Inspiration for your legacy video or funeral slideshow

Memorial slideshow

Share a life well-lived in a funeral slideshow. Put togethers photos of major life events along with everyday pictures and video clips showing what made your loved one special.

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Military video tribute

Honor a loved one who served their country. Combine photos of their time in the Army, Navy, Marine Corp, Air Force, or Coast Guard with text to celebrate their service and their legacy.

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Pet memorial

Keep the memory of a beloved dog, cat or other pet alive with a sweet video. Save your photos and footage of your pet in a heartwarming video you can watch whenever you're missing your furry friend.

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How to create a beautiful memorial video

  1. Decide on the design for your videoYou can start with a video template, including our In Memoriam Slideshow template. Templates are pre-made videos, designed to make it easy for you to add your own images and text. Once you've chosen a look for your video, you can start uploading photos and video clips. No matter which template you choose, you can always add or remove photos later. You can also move photos around, changing the order of your video however you like.
  2. Personalize your videoAnimoto makes customization quick and easy. You'll find a variety of colors, fonts, and video styles to choose from. You can also trim and mute your video footage, enlarge photos, or add voice-over.
  3. Add music to your videoQuickly make a memorial slideshow with music. Animoto has a library with hundreds of licensed songs. We have song filters like genre and mood to help you find the right tune for your video. When you're choosing, think about how you want your video to make audience feel and what genre you prefer. Then you can narrow down your choices with filters. Once you've settled on a song, you can raise or lower the volume to make it easier to hear video clips. You can also trim the song to adjust the place where the song starts or stops. If you can't find what you want, Animoto lets you upload your own licensed music.

How to share your slideshow video

  1. Show a video at a memorial serviceIf you want to present your slideshow at a funeral service, there are several ways to get your video ready. Whether you burn a DVD, upload your video to a USB drive, or use Chromecast or Airplay, it's easy to prep your slideshow. Find out more about how to show your video on a TV or projector on our blog.
  2. Share your slideshow on social mediaMake sure all your friends and family can watch your legacy slideshow easy by posting it to your favorite social network. First, upload your video to YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. Then, tag friends and family, so they can watch it whenever they're missing your loved one.
  3. Send your video via emailFor a quick, simple way of sharing your video, consider emailing it out. Animoto makes it easy to email your video as soon as its finished. Your recipient will be able to watch your video whenever they want.

How to organize the media in your video

  1. Lay out your video in chronological orderYour video will tell the story of a life. The story will be more compelling and easier to follow if it's told in order. Go decade by decade or highlight major life events. Cover the school years, marriage, children and grandchildren to craft the story.
  2. Group related photosAnother way to give your video a good structure is to put similar photos together. For example, you can bunch together photos or video clips related to hobbies, work, or marriage. You can even use photo collages to match up pictures that have to do with a certain theme.
  3. Select only your best photosWhile every photo of a loved one is precious, it's important to limit the number you include in your slideshow. Try to limit your tribute video to about one song if you're showing it at a funeral service. If you're sharing on social media or emailing it out, a one-minute video is probably a better length. If you have a lot of photos or video footage, try to include just your favorites to keep the runtime down.

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How to make a memorial slideshow video in 4 steps

  1. Choose a memorial video template or start from scratch
  2. Upload your photos and video clips
  3. Personalize your video by changing colors, text, and music
  4. Finish your HD video and download it to share with family and friends

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