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5 Creative Ways to Use Multiple Songs in Your Videos

Eliza Talvola


Music is a crucial component of any video. Without it, not only might algorithms look past your video, but your audience might too! Music can peak your audience’s interest and elevate any message to help you tell your story.


With multiple songs, you can convey multiple emotions and engage your audience from start to finish. In this blog, we’ll share five inspiring ways to make your videos even better with the magic of music.

Start and finish: Unforgettable first and last impressions

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to enhance your videos is by incorporating distinct intro and outro music. Intros and outros can help your branded content take on a unique identity, improving brand awareness, recall, and professionalism overall.

Intros help you start off on the right foot with an attention-grabbing opening that lays the groundwork for the rest of your video. Outros can re-engage your viewers and entice them to pay extra-close attention to your closing calls to action and next steps. These musical bookends set the tone of your video when you need it most. Add intros and outros to trainings, onboarding videos, explainers, and more to leave a strong lasting impression.

Here’s an example of a training video with a branded intro and outro. You can create similar videos by using this template and applying your own Saved Template complete with custom intro and outro music.

Set your voice to songs

Adding your unique voice to your videos can help you create a more personal connection with your audience. And don’t worry, you don’t have to sing – just use voice-overs!

By using music and voice-overs together, you create a one-of-a-kind video that speaks directly to your audience. Consider using background music to complement and enhance the message conveyed in your voice-over. Animoto will automatically lower the volume of your music track when played against a voice-over track, but you can always customize your music as needed.

Here’s an example of a voice-over video that simultaneously uses music to keep viewers hooked.

Making an entrance with music

Introducing a new product or idea, unveiling a new location, or introducing a new company policy? How about celebrating a recent accomplishment? Give all your announcements the entrance they deserve with music!

This technique uses silence and music together to build anticipation. Start your video out silently or with a low-volume music track. Then, once you’re ready to make your announcement, play a powerful song for dramatic effect. The sudden burst of music amplifies the excitement of your message and pulls viewers into your story.

Watch how we used a powerful song to mark the introduction of a new product in this video.

Marking memories: Capturing emotions with music

Music has a remarkable ability to stir and evoke specific emotions. Just imagine what your favorite movies would be like without a stirring soundtrack!

Rather than relying on one song to recap so many of life’s memories, choose the songs that resonate with the emotions felt during those moments. You may want to use nostalgic tracks to look back on memories of when you first met someone. Maybe you want to use soft and moving music to mark the birth of your first child, or when your friend walked down the aisle.

This technique is especially powerful for birthday, memorial, anniversary, and wedding videos that look back on precious memories.

Before and after: Demonstrating transformation

Before and after videos are powerful storytelling tools. These problem-solution stories remind viewers of the pain points they currently or used to experience. Then, when it comes the time to introduce a solution, the impact is all the more powerful! The contrast of these two periods of time or ways of doing things can be extremely persuasive, especially with music.

By using two contrasting music tracks, you can convey the transformation achieved through your product or service. Before and after music works well inn explainers, commercials, testimonials, or any video where you want to highlight the positive impact of your offering.

Add multiple songs with Animoto

Adding multiple songs to your videos is a simple and creative way to increase their emotional impact and engagement. And with Animoto, thousands of licensed music tracks are right at your fingertips! Browse through our library to find the songs that match your video’s mood from start to finish. Then, easily add and edit up to eight songs in your video.

Learn more about adding multiple songs to your videos on our complete guide blog. Then, just choose a template and start creating your own powerful videos in minutes. It’s that easy!