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Learn how to make engaging videos in minutes with Animoto’s online commercial maker. Get creative and make stunning video commercials today with Animoto.


Selling a product or service with a commercial isn’t just for companies with big budgets to spend on prime time TV slots. Anyone with a few dollars can quickly create video ads with online video creation services, like Animoto.

Video commercials aren’t just for TV anymore

A commercial is just an ad in video form, and it’s time to let go of the idea that commercials exist only on TV screens. People see commercials when using their phone, when browsing Facebook, and when they open their email. It’s time for your business to get in on that action.

Why create video advertisements like commercials?

Video is an engaging medium, and research suggests that it is favored by most social media sites and more likely to perform well. This isn’t surprising, human beings can process information visually faster than written or spoken examples. Seeing it in video form gets it into the brain and into the mind more quickly than any other format.

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How much does creating a modern commercial video cost?

The answer depends on the medium. If you’re putting a commercial on broadcast TV, it can cost on average $100,000, plus production expenses. On a movie theater screen, you can expect to spend at least a thousand dollars for a month of ads. Facebook, Youtube, Hulu, and TikTok each have their own costs associated with any target audience.

However, if your budget is a bit more realistic, you can use Animoto to create a very high-quality commercial video using a handful of photos and video clips.

How to create an engaging commercial with an online video commercial maker

Making a good commercial is extraordinarily simple, and infinitely complicated at the same time. Sort of like writing the next hit song or making the next viral TikTok; success with your commercial isn't always a surefire thing, but luckily there are several things you can do to set your video up for success.

Have a simple message

With any commercial on any screen, you have a very limited amount of time to get your message across. Typically thirty seconds is the standard, though if you are making ads for social media, it might be as short as five seconds. This means you have to get in, say your piece, and get out fast.

Cutting down and distilling your entire brand presence and all the virtues of what you’re selling may seem a herculean task, but fear not! There is a relatively easy way to get it done.

Remember, you’re not trying to convince someone of every true thing about your brand or product, you just need to convey a single thing about it. If you sell toys for kids, communicate that your product will bring joy when it is unwrapped. Practice writing simple, one-sentence truths about your product, and let that be the foundation of the commercial.

Accompany your visuals by using on-screen text or adding Voice-over.

Focus on engaging the eyes and the ears

Video is both an auditory and visual medium, and you can’t forget that. Having a black screen while someone talks about your product might be an interesting gimmick once or twice, but it’s not a long-term strategy.

Likewise, having a video without any audio might work in specific instances, but overall you need to make sure your sound design is up to snuff. Luckily, with Animoto you can select from thousands of licensed tracks to find the right music to add to your video.

Use Animoto’s video editing suite

Don’t make it harder on yourself than it needs to be; many great templates exist that you can use as the basis for your commercials. Here are a few examples Animoto offers:

Service promo templates

Using our service promotion templates, you can get a top-notch commercial whipped up in just minutes. You can change the colors, themes, fonts, and overall ad style with just a few clicks. Upload video clips shot on your iOS device and combine them with some text, and bam: you’re off to the races.

We also offer templates for real estate listings, photography sessions, fitness training, and ads formatted for Youtube and social media sites. For example, create a vertical video ad that is well-suited for social media sites with this service promotion template.

Product promo templates

If you’re selling a product instead of a service, there are a lot of templates for that too! They range from templates designed for Cyber Monday to templates for new product launches. Thinking about doing a giveaway offer for a limited time? Get the word out with this giveaway offer template.

Whatever your specific need is, there’s a product promotion template for it, and the customization options will help to make sure whatever you make is unique to your specific product and brand.

Make a commercial video now

With the right message, a fantastic product or service, and flexible online video editing tools that are easy-to-use, you have more power than ever to make commercial videos for your product or service. Go out there and create the next captivating commercial with Animoto!