Video Marketing

How to Grow Your Business with Video


Learn how you can use video marketing to grow your business online. Check out our 10 video ideas to help you stand out from the crowd.

how to grow your business with video

Have you ever looked at your website, social media channels, or marketing strategy as a whole and wondered what was missing? Everything is carefully written, planned and executed, but you feel like everything isn't performing as well as it should be.

Video marketing may just be the answer you're looking for.

Maybe you know that already, but you think you don't have it in you or you feel it's not in your budget. The good news is all you need is an idea, a camera, and an online video editor to help you put everything together.

This article will take you through what video marketing is, why it's important, and how to grow your business with it. Additionally, we'll provide some tips, ideas, and steps on how you can make a marketing video with Animoto.

As you read, you'll notice it's not as challenging as you may think. Let's get started.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is a strategy that uses video to capture the attention of potential customers. Like a traditional television commercial, you can use video to provide more information about your offering or share a testimonial from a current customer. You can also think outside the box and share your expertise with a how-to video, tell a story, or simply entertain.

It's important to keep in mind that you want to inspire your audience to take action and make the next step in your buyer's journey—without directly telling them to do so. People don't want you to sell to them. They want information.

Why is video marketing important?

A recent survey states that 96% of people have watched videos to learn more about a business's products or services. In that survey, 84% of participants said they made a purchase after watching one. Additionally, 69% prefer video to learn about a product or service over reading, talking to a salesperson and other methods.

Not only does video marketing help you get your offering in front of your customers, but it also teaches them about your business values and the people working behind the scenes.

Why does this matter? A survey about brand expectations found that 82% of participants would pay more for products from a company with shared values, and 60% said they've purchased something because of a brand's values.

6 ways video marketing can grow your business

1. Video can expand your reach on social media

On Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, posts with video receive more engagement from users than posts without, meaning more people like, share, or comment on them.

As people engage with your posts, it increases your post's reach, getting it in front of more people. That means people who aren't aware of your business yet could come across your video.

2. Video helps with search engine optimization (SEO)

Google looks for more than text when indexing a web page. It looks for videos and images to make the information more relevant to its users. It also looks into the number of people visiting your website. So if your social media videos generate a stream of website visitors, your site will rank higher—especially if those visitors stay a while.

Additionally, if people share links to your website and content, search engines see it as a good thing, and your ranking will improve.

3. Video does some of the work for you

By giving people the opportunity to learn about your products and services, without the need to contact your business, you and your team will spend less time answering questions and pitching products. Buyers will have a much better idea of what they want before visiting your store or taking the next step in the buyer's journey, whatever it may be.

4. Video can help potential customers remember you

Whether you helped them by sharing some of your expertise, entertained them with a fun product demonstration, or told a compelling brand story, the next time your potential customer decides to make a purchase, they will remember your company. That doesn't mean you need to have a big personality or a ton of editing experience—all you need to do is offer something unique and be genuine about it.

5. Video can connect you with potential customers

Video is another tool you can utilize to connect with your current customers to keep them coming back. It could be a quick thank you or welcome message. You could also share milestones, celebrations, tutorials, new product releases and pairing suggestions, and more. Additionally, you can use them to keep your customers in the loop with news and updates, which is especially important if you're running a subscription-based service.

Create an even stronger connection with your audience by adding voice-over to your videos, available on our Professional and Professional Plus plans. Check out our voice-over guide to learn more.

6. Video is a powerful communication tool

Remember that videos are a useful tool outside of your website and social media channels. There are many occasions when you may want to send a video directly to a potential or current customer. Some examples of this are welcoming them during the onboarding process, thanking them for their purchase, introducing your sales team, or simply sharing a greeting. It's another way you can stand out from the crowd and stay in front of your customers.

How to grow your business with video

1. Start with the equipment you have

There are many ways you can grow your business with video, but there's no need to invest in professional-level equipment or services to get started. Your video should have a quality feel to it, but you can do that with the camera you already have—including the one on your phone.

You also want to consider lighting. Again, you don't need to invest a lot here. If you don't have a well-lit space, pick up a simple lighting kit or utilize natural light.

2. Do some planning

Your video marketing strategy all starts with a little planning and research. Outline a few simple ideas to give your videos some direction, such as the setting, purpose, and unique value.

Keep in mind, even if there are countless running shoe videos out there, your audience has yet to see one about your running shoes and what makes them different from the rest.

3. Grab your viewer's attention

There's no need to be overly dramatic here. Simply start your video with an interesting fact or story and get right into telling your viewers what the video is about. Let them know the problem you'll be solving if they stick around.

4. Stay on track

While there are undoubtedly many great qualities to your business, people are likely watching your video for a specific reason. Although you're likely enthusiastic about the topic, avoid getting too off track with long stories or unrelated explanations. Keep it short and sweet.

Additionally, you'll want to avoid jargon as it could be a barrier, especially if your viewers aren't familiar with the terms you're using.

5. Quality over quantity

As with any content, quality over quantity also matters with video. Creating dozens of videos won't mean much if no one is watching.

You can avoid making uninteresting videos in the planning stage by ensuring each video serves a specific purpose and offers something unique. Additionally, you'll want to test your sound, lighting, and camera focus beforehand.

A video editor like Animoto will also help you add some finishing touches and bring it all together.

6. Less is more

Less is more is a good rule for both the video's length and content. You only have your viewer's attention for a short time, so try to keep your video concise and impactful. When planning a video about how your product works, you may want to dive into the details of a specific feature. Instead, create a separate in-depth product video for those who may be interested.

When adding text, graphics, and other elements, ensure they don’t become too busy, as this will distract your viewers from the message.

7. Film in pieces

Filming bits of footage at a time is especially helpful when you're first getting comfortable with the camera. You're less likely to get off-topic, you can quickly shoot retakes if needed, and you can easily put it all together in a video editor.

Give your explainer video a makeover with our Educational Explainer template. It's easy!

10 video ideas to help grow your business

1. How-to or demonstration videos

Sharing industry or product knowledge with potential customers is a great way to demonstrate your skills and expertise. Not only are you helping those closer to the purchasing stage of the buyer's journey learn about your product, those who aren't ready to make a decision will remember that you're helpful and that you know your stuff when the time comes.

2. Product videos

Product videos focus on the value your product will bring the customer. By highlighting some of the benefits, you're helping them picture how the product addresses a pain point in their lives.

Unlike infomercials that make the customer's problems seem overly dramatic as they blatantly sell, you're connecting with your audience in an authentic, friendly, and conversational manner.

3. Customer or client testimonials

Genuine customer testimonial videos use social proof to build trust with potential customers. To add some context, ask your customers to tell people why they like your product and service.

4. Product or company stories

Sharing a story is a great way to relay your company values and show potential customers you care about what you do. Whether you're telling the story of what inspired you to start your business or develop your product, customers will enjoy getting a behind-the-scenes look at your company.

5. Introductory videos

Creating an introductory video is an excellent way to introduce yourself and your team members to potential customers. It gives them a behind-the-scenes look at the people who work hard to help you run your business while explaining what you offer.

6. Thank you videos

Making a thank you video is a great way to appreciate your current customers and show potential customers that their business will be valued. You can create a simple thank you video to mark an occasion or milestone or simply celebrate your customers. Feature it on social media or film a quick thank you message to send to customers directly when they purchase.

7. About us videos

About us videos are a great way to show off your expertise and highlight some of your products or services. In this video style, you can also talk about why you do what you do and share your values all in one. These are helpful to have displayed on your website and pinned to your social channels.

8. Explainer videos

If your product or service is a bit complex, explainer videos are a great way to break things down for your potential customers. It's also another way to demonstrate your expertise and build trust with potential customers.

9. Behind the scenes videos

Perhaps you have a unique production process or a fun crew of people you work with. This could be an opportunity to talk about your business while entertaining your audience. It will also give some insight into your company culture.

10. Announcements, updates, and teaser videos

Perhaps you want to build hype around an upcoming product or service. Announcement videos are the perfect solution. If you want to make a teaser video, you can give only a hint to keep your customers guessing.

How to make a marketing video with Animoto

So you've done your research, created a plan, and filmed your first video. Animoto makes it incredibly easy to put everything together. Here's how:

1. Create a free account

With Animoto, you can create unlimited videos for free. All you need to do is sign up.

2. Select a template

The about us template is a great place to start. It's an excellent way to introduce your business, your team, your offering, or all of the above.

You may also be interested in the collection portfolio template to focus on your products or services, or the product brand story template.

3. Upload your media

Upload your video clips and photos that you want to use in your video, and then drag and drop them into place. If you need more footage, Animoto has you covered with an extensive stock library.

4. Edit your footage

Are some of your video clips a bit too long? No need to learn new software or hire a third-party service to edit your video clips. Trim your footage and crop your photos without ever leaving Animoto.

5. Bring it all together

Bring it all together by adding effects, text, music, and transitions. Use text styles and video styles to add a level of professionalism to your video.

6. Add your logo

To give your videos a consistent and professional look, add your logo. If you’re on a Professional or Professional Plus plan, you can use the Saved Brands feature to easily incorporate your own fonts, colors, and logos.

7. Optimize your video for the platform

If your marketing strategy covers multiple communication and social media channels, you may want to consider creating multiple variations of your video. Animoto makes it easy to adjust the aspect ratio of your video to fit a variety of different platforms.

8. Get feedback and approvals

Getting multiple perspectives and approvals on your video is a best practice, but it can be tricky without the right tools. With the Professional Plus plan, you can use Commenting to collect and respond to feedback all within Animoto. By sending reviewers a private feedback link, multiple reviewers can leave time-stamped comments on your video all in the same place.

This is a great last stop before sending your video out the door. It helps strengthen your video content and catch any lingering typos or potential improvements. Read this how-to guide to learn more.

9. Export and start sharing

Once you’ve gotten your video to a place that you and your team are proud of, you’re ready to start sharing! With Animoto’s integrated sharing tool, you can share your video on social media, through email marketing campaigns, or directly on your website. Keep in mind that all videos are saved in your account.

Get started

Video is an optimal way to boost your company’s marketing strategy. It's an excellent tool that can increase customer engagement.

Now that you know how to grow your business with video marketing, getting started is easy. It doesn't require much investment if you have a camera and a free video editor like Animoto. If you're looking for some inspiration, head over to Animoto's template page.