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How to Create Product Videos That will Increase your Sales


It doesn't matter what you're selling, using videos in your marketing strategy is something you should consider and quickly embrace.

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What is a product video?

Product videos are short videos that give consumers a better look at what you are selling. In addition to being displayed on the selling web page of your product, you can upload them anywhere you want to advertise online.

A recent study we conducted showed that consumers rated video the #1 most helpful form of content when shopping online.

It has never been easier to give such a drastic boost to your product marketing. Read on to learn how to create product videos your customers will love.

Your product video is a tool to convince consumers to click “'add to cart.” Product videos can also ease any customers' hesitation about purchasing your products.

Are product videos good for marketing online?

Yes. We say product videos are essential for marketing your online business because of their many benefits for e-commerce.

For example, these six retailers saw conversion rate growth of up to 160% once they started using product videos.

Top 10 benefits of using product videos

There are many benefits of using product videos in your online marketing strategy and on your product pages.

1. Increase your most important metrics

As we mentioned, sites that have implemented product videos into their marketing strategy have seen tremendous conversion rates and sales growth.

Using product videos to inform customers about your products is an easy way to start seeing your metrics grow.

2. Videography over photography

Internet users love watching and sharing video content. And it's more than just entertainment, video is changing online customer experience. You should embrace this for your online business.

Video is naturally more engaging than photography, and capturing your audience's attention is extremely important.

3. The perfect sales pitch

You can use your product videos to tell online shoppers everything you would if they were shopping in person with you. Show and describe the benefits of your products, how to use them, and share every detail that will convince a consumer to make their purchase.

4. Boost your site's rankings

By adding quality content like product videos to your website, you'll improve your search engine optimization. And as customers search for your products, they'll be directed to your site thanks to your product videos.

5. Boost the average time spent on your site

By adding rich and engaging content to your site, you'll hook viewers into spending more time browsing your online store. Upping metrics like average time spent on-site can help your site's overall performance.

6. Connect with your audience

Video content shows transparency for your business and your products. Creating an honest relationship with your shoppers will build their trust and turn them into VIP customers.

7. Demonstrate complex products virtually

If you sell complex products, chances are a written product description isn't enough to describe your product. Product videos allow you to tell consumers in detail how your product works and why they should buy it.

8. Eliminate consumer hesitation

Consumers have natural hesitation when shopping online, especially if it's their first time purchasing from your website. People want to be sure of their purchases, and giving them a video testimonial will provide them with the confidence to pull out their credit card.

9. Reduce returns

Returns come when products arrive and they don't live up to the consumer's expectations. Product videos can take away surprises that might make customers want their money back.

10. Quality content for your digital marketing

Create your product videos and then use them over and over again. Video content performs amazingly across the internet and you'll be able to direct audiences to your site by sharing your videos on other platforms.

5 different types of product videos and when to use them

There are many different types of product videos. Some are more suitable for your products and business depending on what you are selling.

1. Demonstration videos

Product demo videos should show your product in action. Let consumers know what it can do and why it's worth their money. Allow customers to experience what it would be like to use your product.

Pro tip: Use Voice-over to complement your video with vocal explanations. Describe what's going on, list the benefits your product offers, and entice your audience to click "add to cart," all using Voice-over.

2. Screen capture videos

If you're selling software, an app or a digital service, take a screen recording of your product performing amazingly. Give consumers an idea of what your product will do for them and how they will be able to use it.

3. Comparison videos

Comparison videos have been around since the dawn of advertising. These videos work well for products in a saturated market that aims to solve your customers' problems.

4. FAQ videos

Scour your email inbox and social media feeds to find the most common questions you receive about your product. Answer these frequently asked questions in your product video so that customers are sure of their purchase.

5. Testimonial videos

Getting a video testimonial from a content creator or a happy customer is a great way to give your product a solid reputation. People are more comfortable buying products that have great reviews.

How to easily shoot new product videos

So, you're convinced. It's time to start using product videos. Product video production doesn't need to be complicated. Here's how you record a great product video.

Establish your game plan

Where will your product video be posted? Are you trying to educate customers or demonstrate your product? Knowing this ahead of time will help you plan production.

Find an appealing setting

Make the setting appropriate for your product. A simple backdrop or tabletop is fine. Let the focus be on your product.

Gather the right recording tools

You'll need a camera, a tripod, a video lighting kit, and a video editor like Animoto. If you plan to have audio in your video, you'll also need a microphone.

Record your product in detail

Get up close and personal with your product. Show every aspect and feature so that your website visitors will feel like they saw your product in person.

Keep it short

If your product video is too long, your viewers will lose interest. Keep it short and sweet.

Create quality product videos that convert

So, you know how to make a product video. But you want to make the best product video that will have your conversion rate and sales booming.

Make your product attractive

Your product video is your selling tool. Make sure your product looks awesome.

Focus on customer concerns

Your video should address all the things that may cause a customer to hesitate. Convince them that your product is worth their money.

Invest a little extra time and money

Make your product video a piece of visually appealing, quality content. Hire a model, set up a product display, make your video a masterpiece.

Entertain your audience

Entertaining video content will help with your audience's engagement. Make your product video funny, heartfelt, or inspiring.

Highlight your product's best qualities

Chances are you already know what sets your product apart from the rest. Talk it up and show what makes your product so unique.

Make use of customer reviews

Show your website browsers what other people love about your product. Consumers trust other consumers, and sharing positive reviews will help convince shoppers that your product rocks.

Tell a story

Your product video should intrigue, entertain, and engage shoppers. Create a storyline to hook your audience.

Using Animoto to edit your product video like a pro

You've recorded your product video, and now it's time to edit it. Animoto will help you create a stunning and creative video that will help sell your products. If you haven't used Animoto before, we suggest you check out this video tutorial.

Thankfully, editing videos with Animoto is fun and simple.

Pick a template

You can pick from our template library or you can start from scratch with a blank canvas. Animoto offers tons of product promotion templates, like this Product Intro Ad template:

Drag and drop

Upload pictures, videos, and audio recordings into the Animoto video editor to start your masterpiece. You can also select media from our amazing stock library from Getty Images.

Customize your video

Animoto has endless creative options to customize your video. Add design elements, text, music, whatever you please.

Export your video and upload it to your site

You did it! Now watch those sales come in and your conversion rates soar.

5 reasons to use Animoto when making product videos

Animoto is a great video editing tool. There are a few reasons you should use it to create your product video.

User-friendly program

Animoto's video editor is extremely user-friendly. Whether you're new to editing videos or a professional, you'll be able to navigate through every step of your product video creation.

Customizable options

Within Animoto, you can create a unique product video. There are endless options within our design tab that will help to customize your product video. You can also save all your business's custom branding within your account as a Saved Brand.

Stock content at your fingertips

That's right, no more Googling stock content right before you start editing. For users on paid subscription plans, our built-in library has millions of photos, video clips, and graphics. Then, set the mood with one of 3,000+ licensed songs.

Trusted by other businesses

Animoto is a partner of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and HubSpot. Plus, our video editor is used by millions of other business owners, just like you!

We’re here if you need us

Animoto provides access to blogs, tutorials, video ideas and tips, and our help center. We also have an online community where you can interact with other business owners for inspiration, feedback, and more.

Today is the perfect time to start creating product videos

When it comes to e-commerce, product videos are the way of the future. Studies and statistics have repeatedly shown that video is an essential part of a business's marketing strategy.

Product videos provide an excellent opportunity to engage with your customers, educate them on your product, and eliminate any hesitation they might be feeling.

With Animoto, creating an entertaining and informative product video is fun and easy. You'll wonder why you didn't start making product videos sooner.

Create product videos with Animoto that will convince shoppers to give your products a try.