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How to Make an Effective Brand Awareness Video


brand awareness video

Brand awareness. It's the difference between a company and a household name.

Brand awareness is all about how well audiences remember your company's identity, message, and presence after seeing your marketing. Mastering the power of brand awareness is essential to growing your audience, as is a good creative video strategy.

But how do you create it?

Let's learn all about brand awareness, why it's important and how to use video strategy to strengthen it. Plus, we will help you create a winning brand awareness video with Animoto.

What is brand awareness?

Brand awareness refers to the recognizability of your product, service, or your business in general. When brands are recognizable and consumers are familiar with them, they have strong brand awareness.

Why is a brand awareness strategy important?

Creating a successful brand awareness strategy is important to help your brand grow recognition and build trust with consumers. You want customers to be familiar with your brand because it can lead to more sales.

And when it comes to your brand awareness strategy, you need to be using video.

Video is a very powerful tool in today's marketing landscape. There are many reasons to use video in your marketing strategy, but here are a few important ones:

  • Video content has been proven to increase important metrics like conversions and sales.
  • Video is typically more engaging than other forms of creative content.
  • Video is seen as a transparent form of marketing and can increase the trust consumers have in your business.
  • Video allows you to paint a complete picture of your products, services, and brand.

Learn more about the benefits of video content here.

The benefits of branded video content

Using video to increase your brand awareness can be very beneficial to your business. Here are the top 5 benefits:

1. It's engaging

Brand video content engages your audience stronger than other forms of content. Keeping your audiences engaged is extremely important, no matter what you sell.

2. It's conversational

You can use brand video content to spark a conversation with your audiences. Treat it like a communication channel to provide vital and consistent messaging to your customers.

3. It's emotional

Creative video content is more memorable for viewers. Video helps tell visual stories, create emotions, and create positive feelings for your customers.

4. It's shareable

If you create quality brand video content, users will be inclined to share it with their friends and family. Shares can increase your online performance metrics and your exposure to new audiences.

5. It's captivating

By using brand video content, you can paint a complete picture of your brand, products, and story. Telling a complete story can help your business demonstrate authenticity, build recognition, and establish trust with consumers.

Types of videos to increase brand awareness

The options are endless when choosing which type of video you want to create to increase your brand awareness. There are many different directions you can go in, depending on what you're trying to portray with your video. Here are 5 types of videos commonly used to increase brand awareness:

1. Product show and tell

Create a video that shows your product or service in action. Tell viewers everything they need to know about your product and why they need your product.

2. Behind the scenes

Give audiences a glimpse into your company's culture. Introduce your employees and let them tell their stories so you can humanize your brand through video. Give a tour of your spaces and make your brand a memorable entity.

3. Testimonials

Get someone to review your product, brand, or service and talk it up. Consumers love reading reviews, and a video review from a real human is worth much more social credit in your audience's eyes.

4. Brand story

Paint a picture of where your brand came from and what it stands for. Show people that your brand is worth their time, money, and attention.

5. Vlog

Create blogs in video format about anything and everything that pertains to your brand. Use them to share updates, document events, or even create them to record your brand's day-to-day activities.

Make the best brand awareness video

When creating a brand video, you want to make it memorable. Make it a symbol of who your brand is and show your audience what your products do to build your brand awareness.

Here are our top 11 tips on how to make a great brand awareness video.

1. Create with a purpose

Plan your purpose, content, script, and all other details ahead of time so that you can create your best work. Know the objective of your video and keep it consistent throughout the entire production.

2. Invest in gear

Make your brand video that you’ll be proud of. You're going to need a camera, a tripod, a lighting kit, and a mic to make a video of great quality. Most importantly, you need a great video editor to pull your project together.

3. Make it entertaining

Whether you want it to be funny, heartwarming, or powerful–the delivery method should entertain those who see it. You want the audience to engage, share and remember your brand. Be original and creative to keep your viewers interested.

4. Don't drag on

Your brand video doesn't need to be lengthy to be memorable. The fact is, the opposite is true. If you create a quality, impactful video, viewers will remember your brand. Create a boring, long video, and viewers won't be interested in finishing it, let alone remembering your brand.

5. Consistency is key

Keep your video consistent with your brand's voice and identity that you portray in other spaces. If your brand is known for sassy remarks on Twitter, keep that same energy in your brand videos so that you can remain recognizable.

6. Include a call-to-action

Somewhere in your brand video content, include a call-to-action. Tell viewers what they should do next. And make it catchy, so it sticks.

7. Brand it

Make sure viewers can tell who's behind the video you've created. Include your logo, your brand's colors, and anything else that makes you unique. This video should be undeniably yours. Create a Saved Brand to quickly add your brand’s fonts, logos, and colors to every video.

8. Optimize for your audience

Make sure you're using the proper formats, dimensions, and sizes for the platforms you'll be sharing it on. Know your audience and what they expect from you so that you can impress them.

9. Share it everywhere

Once you've created your video, share it everywhere you can. The more often people encounter your brand, the better they'll recognize it.

10. Establish yourself

Now's the time to make your brand a trustworthy entity so that consumers will trust shopping with you. Use your video as an opportunity to showcase your authority and authenticity. These two qualities are essential for your brand awareness to grow.

11. Add Voice-over

Add a sense of humanity to your brand, create a stronger connection with your audience, and make your videos stand out even more by using voice-over. Check out our complete voice-over guide to learn more.

These tips will help create branded video content that builds your brand awareness. Keep them in mind as you go through every step in creating your brand videos, and you're sure to have a winning strategy on your hands.

How to edit brand awareness videos with Animoto

This step may seem daunting if you're unfamiliar with video editing. However, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to create a great brand video with Animoto's video maker.

Pick a template

Animoto has a variety of video templates to choose from. They're extremely helpful if you're new to video editing or lacking inspiration. If your creative juices are flowing, start from scratch.

Upload your content

Upload your media into the video editor with Animoto's simple drag and drop process. In need of more media? Our stock media library is full of great content.


Customize your brand video to your heart's content. Add text and video styles to create a truly unique and intriguing video. And our music library offers an amazing selection of licensed tracks for your brand awareness video.

Animoto also lets you create a Saved Brand if you’re on a Professional or Professional Plus plan. You will find it super easy to add your brand's font, logo, and colors to all of your videos.


Once you've created your video, you can optimize it for all the platforms you plan to share it on. The Animoto video editor allows you to change the dimensions for your video so that you can optimize it for TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and more. Select from horizontal, vertical, or square video dimensions.

Start collecting feedback

Getting multiple perspectives and approvals is a best practice, especially when establishing your brand. But between the huge file downloads and multiple lengthy email chains, collecting feedback can be tricky. Instead of having multiple asynchronous feedback sessions with team members, bring all of the feedback to you!

With the Professional Plus plan, you can use Commenting to collect and respond to feedback all within Animoto. First, you can invite multiple people to leave time-stamped comments on your video via a private feedback link. Once they create a free Animoto account, they can pause your video and leave specific feedback down the second.

This also creates a transparent, collaborative environment that invites debate and discussion among multiple teams. At the end, you can create a video that clearly expresses the most important features of your brand. Read this how-to guide to learn how to start collecting feedback to make videos better.

Export and share

Once you finish editing your video, you can share it to your social media platforms directly from Animoto. You'll be amazed at how easy and fun it was to create a fantastic brand video.

Need inspiration? Here's a creative brand awareness video

If you need a little help getting started, we found a great example of a brand awareness video made by Slack.

We like Slack's video for a few reasons. You can't miss the branding: Slack's colors, logo, and recognizable features are shown throughout the video. It also does a great job explaining how Slack's product can solve your communication problems. It matches the tone of Slack's brand, and it's helpful, serious, yet relaxed. It's entertaining and concise, so it keeps viewers engaged.

Most importantly, Slack's brand awareness video tells a story. It's memorable and gives us an idea of what Slack's brand is about and what its product can do.

For another example, check out how business owner Gaye Glasspie of GGmadeit uses Animoto to build her brand.

Attract new audiences through brand awareness videos today.

Brand awareness is a powerful thing that can keep your brand relevant, memorable, and trustworthy in the minds of consumers. Making a great brand awareness video is as simple as good planning, keeping our top tips in mind, and using an outstanding video editor like Animoto.

Get started with Animoto for free today, and increase your brand awareness with unique branded video content.