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5 Video Ideas to Connect with Your Customers While Social Distancing


For many businesses, this is a time of deep complexity and uncertainty. But it also offers an opportunity to maintain honest and genuine communication with your customers. As the situation evolves and we move our worlds online, video can help your business stay connected in a meaningful and memorable way.

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In the last few weeks, we’ve seen more and more businesses use video to stay connected through it all. Here a few ways your business can do the same.

Share your story

Each business has a unique story. Let your audience explore yours with our Business Story template. Having trouble figuring out what to say? Tell your customers why you love what you do, or what made you start your business. Or, simply walk them through what a day in your life might look like.

Showcase expertise

How-to videos are a favorite for many businesses. And right now, they’re especially attention-grabbing because more consumers are home and online. From fitness businesses to chefs to hairdressers, businesses of all kinds are sharing tutorial videos with their online audience, reminding them of what they do best. Make your own Step-based Tutorial template to show off your skills and stay top of mind for your customers.

Rally support

Consumers are online more than usual, with many actively looking for ways to help small businesses. In other words, now is a good time to ask your audience to leave reviews for your business.

Start with a couple existing reviews from Yelp or Google, then add them to our Product Testimonial template. Include a call to action asking viewers to leave positive reviews on your Facebook, Yelp, or Google pages.

Make a human connection

A webinar or live event helps inform customers of an evolving situation, and lets you address their questions in real time. Even more, it humanizes your brand and shows that you care. Sharing an event promo ahead of your live event can ensure your audience knows when and where to find you online. Add your event details to the Webinar Event Promo, along with a call to action telling them to RSVP.

Support local businesses

Share a list of your neighborhood businesses with ideas and suggestions explaining how viewers can help. Just replace the text, photos, and video clips in our Top 5 List template with your own. If possible, ask other businesses to raise awareness by sharing the video as well.

For some real-life inspiration, check out the Instagram video below from Karaine Smith-Holness, owner of Hair’s Kay Beauty Salon. The video showcases Karaine’s expertise by sharing hair care tips customers can benefit from while at home.

We’re here to help

As our team works from home each day, we hope to be a helpful resource for you and your business. To that end, we’re continually adding to our hub of COVID-19 Content & Resources for Small Businesses, and making sure we’re listening to you. If you have any questions, head on over to our Facebook community, or leave them in the comments below.