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Creating a Personalized Mother’s Day Video in Minutes (for Free!)

Madison Fraitag


It’s that time of year again, your chance to make all of the mothers in your life feel as special as they really are. Make sure they feel loved this Mother’s Day with a personalized video all about them, or create a video to help customers find gifts mom will love.

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Whether you’re celebrating your mom, grandma, aunt, wife, mother-in-law, or any other mother-figure who makes your life better every day, we’ve got you covered with video templates and options to upgrade your Animoto video to help you make her feel loved this Mother’s Day.

Choose your template

The first step in creating any video quickly is choosing from one of our easy-to-use templates. While any template can be customized for your Mother’s Day message–and you can always start from scratch–we’ve got a selection of templates already optimized for Mother’s Day.

In this section, make a few quick choices, and we’ll let you know which template we recommend you use for your video. Feel free to jump ahead to the results any time.

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Select the closest option to who you’re making your video for, or feel free to skip ahead to the next question.

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We know every mom is special, but we also know that Mother’s Day looks different for everyone. Click on any of the following that apply to you for a template that might be right for your Mother's Day video.

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Select which option best fits who you are for a template suggestion that might just do the trick.


Mother’s Day Card

Looks like the Mother’s Day Card template might be right for you! With a paper-and-pen look, this template feels as charming as a handwritten card, with the convenience of a video that Mom, Grandma, aunts, and other beloved women in your life can keep forever.

Make your video card even more heartfelt by adding your kids' voices, or your own, with our Voiceover feature.

Mother’s Day Greeting

You’ve got the Mother’s Day Greeting template! This template follows a sweet, sentimental narrative, easily customized with your own images and message for the mom, grandma, aunt, or other mother-figure in your life.

Digital Album

Reminisce on her first year as a mom with a slideshow of photos of her with her baby using the Digital Album template. Replace the text with a Mother’s Day message, and give her the gift of memories she can share with family and friends.

To All The Moms

Don't forget to recognize the moms who you work with! Use our To All The Moms template to make every mother-figure at your workplace feel appreciated this Mother’s Day.

Top 5 List

Let her know the reasons why she makes such a great partner and mom with the Top 5 List template. Add photos of you two together and a few with the kids to remind her how extraordinary she is.

Mother’s Day Promo

Got the goods mom will love at the prices her family will love? Keep customers in the know about the gifts that will bring a smile to mom's face with our Mother's Day Promo template.

Mother’s Day Gift Card

Mother’s Day is a huge opportunity to get customers buying gift cards. Use the Mother's Day Gift Card template to let shoppers know they can get mom exactly what she wants, even if they aren't totally sure what that may be.

In Loving Memory

Use the In Loving Memory template to remember Mom and the special moments you shared with her. Have the whole family send you photos and video clips to create a collection of memories you can all cherish for years to come.

Celebrating two moms

For families lucky enough to have two moms at home, create a video to let them both know how much you appreciate them. Try out our Inspirational List template to share the reasons they're the best moms around.

Upgrade your video

Want to remove the Animoto watermark? No worries, check out all of the plans available to upgrade your video and make sure the focus stays on Mom.