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Celebrate Your Organization's Successes with a Year in Review Video

Eliza Talvola


It’s the end of another successful year! Before we get too eager to kick off the new quarter, take some time to celebrate all of your organization’s achievements from the year before.

Celebrate Your Organization's Successes with a Year in Review Video

Year in review videos are a great way to highlight company and employee milestones, boost morale, strengthen company culture, and communicate your organization's progress. And there is so much to celebrate!

In this blog, we’ll share events, milestones, and achievements worth celebrating with a video. Soak in the inspiration, gather up your photos, then use our free video templates to create your own video in minutes.

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Moments worth celebrating

Annual lookback videos can be a powerful communication tool for both internal and external audiences. It’s a chance to say thank you to your teams and customers and start the new year on the right foot.

Here are some milestones you can consider including in your year in review video:

  • 🎂 Employee anniversaries: recognize and celebrate employees who have reached significant work anniversaries, like 5, 10, 15, or 20 years with the company.
  • 👋 New hires: Highlight the addition of new team members who have joined the company over the past year.
  • 🏆 Promotions and advancements: Showcase employees who received promotions or advanced in their roles.
  • 🎉 Team building and culture: Highlight team-building events, company culture initiatives, or special days that foster a positive workplace environment.
  • 🧑‍💻 Employee training and development: Feature any training programs, workshops, or courses that employees have completed to enhance their skills. Recognize employees who have received awards, honors, or industry recognition for their contributions.
  • 🤑 Sales and revenue goals: Share significant sales, revenue, or profit milestones that the company achieved during the year.
  • 🆕 Product or service launches: Showcase the launch of new products, services, or initiatives and their impact on the business.
  • 🤝 Community involvement: Illustrate the company's involvement in community service, charity work, or corporate social responsibility projects.
  • 📹 Corporate events: Include footage or photos from company-wide events, conferences, and off-site meetings.
  • 📈 Company growth and milestones Show statistics related to the company's growth, such as an increase in the number of offices, employees, or customers. Highlight any significant anniversaries or milestones that the company reached during the year, such as the 10th anniversary of its founding.
  • 🙌 Customer success stories: Highlight success stories from satisfied customers and how your team made a difference for them.
  • 🏢 New office locations: If your company expanded to new office locations, showcase these new spaces and the teams working there.
  • 🥳 Special projects: Discuss and celebrate the successful completion of any major projects or initiatives.
  • 💬 Employee testimonials: Gather brief interviews or quotes from employees about their experiences and accomplishments throughout the year.
  • ☑️ Key metrics and KPIs: Display key performance indicators (KPIs) or metrics that demonstrate the company's progress and success.
  • 🤓 Technology advancements: If your company leveraged new technology or systems, discuss their impact on productivity and innovation.
  • 🧘 Employee wellness and benefits: Spotlight programs related to employee wellness, benefits, and work-life balance.
  • 🤩 Mission and vision: End the video by sharing the company's vision and goals for the upcoming year.

How to make a year in review video for your organization

Creating a lookback for your organization is easy, even if you’re not a professional video maker. Just visit Animoto to customize this free yearly lookback template and make it your own with your photos, text, and unique brand. 3, 2, 1… happy video making!

1. Select a template

First things first, choose a free video template to help you tell your story. We’re going to be using the Our Year In Review template.

You can always choose another template like Company Year In Review or Our Year in Review.

For personal year in review templates, check out our this category.

2. Upload your media

Now it’s time to add photos and videos that your team will love. You can upload photos of you and your team from the office, team building events, presentations, parties, conferences, and more. Once uploaded, drag and drop your media into the video blocks to make the template your own.

3. Apply your brand

Next, apply your brand elements. You can use colors from your brand guidelines or secondary palette to shake things up. You can even add your logo as a watermark so you can share it on Linkedin and Instagram!

4. Add your message and music

Make your video more heartfelt and sincere by adding a message from you and your leadership team. You can add text to shout out certain achievements from the list above, and thank you to the teammates that helped make them happen. To wrap things up, you can record a personalized thank you video, or keep it short and sweet with a thank you message.

Finally, tie it all together with music! This can help you set an inspiring and energetic tone to take into the new year.

5. Share and celebrate!

Your video is ready to share! Play it during your next all hands meeting, email it to your team, and share it online to shine the spotlight on your past year. And that’s it! You’re ready to continue on the momentum of last year’s accomplishments and start the new year off strong. Cheers!