Our Top Songs for Engagement Slideshow Videos

Moira West


Looking for the right love song for an engagement video? Whether you’re making a proposal video to pop the question, creating a quick video to let friends and family know you’re engaged, or designing a slideshow to share at an engagement party, check out a sample of our favorite engagement songs in the video below.

Music for your engagement slideshow video

If you find a song you love below, search for the track names or artists in our music selector to add them to your video.

  • “Fall Never Fell” by All Smiles
  • “Love You Forever” by Ryan Huston
  • "All My Life" by The Icarus Account
  • “The Story Unfolds” by Dan Phillipson
  • “All the Pennies” by Mindy Gledhill

For engagement videos that look at your relationship together, you may want to include multiple songs! No problem. Professional users can add up to eight songs to their videos to match the mood from start to finish.

Creating your own engagement slideshow video

Now that you have the music for your slideshow, check out our Engagement Slideshow template and get started on your own engagement video.

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