3 Ways to Celebrate a Bat or Bar Mitzvah with Video

Moira West


Your child is finally ready for their bar or bat mitzvah. What better reason could there be to celebrate? And video is a simple way to reach out to family and friends to help them participate — whether or not they can come to the synagogue to see the ceremony. So we’ve come up with three ways you can use video to bring others into the celebration.

Share the ceremony

Since you’ll probably be taking pictures anyway, why not shoot a video clip or two during the ceremony as well? You can upload the photos and videos using our mobile app to quickly create a video to share on social media, or even share at the reception after the ceremony! Here’s an example starring recent bar mitzvah Joshua, the son of one of Animoto’s team members, Jeff.

Style: Paper Array
Song: “Mah Tovu” by Allan Soberman

Thank your guests

Naturally, after the ceremony and reception, your new bar or bat mitzvah has to thank all of their guests. Video lets you create moving, visual thank you notes that won’t get lost or fade with time. Joshua made individual thank you videos for each of his bar mitzvah guests, but you can also create one-size-fits-all thank you to send to all of your guests.

Style: Water
Song: “The Big Day” by Michael Maina

Share the event on social media

When everyone’s gone home, you can keep the memory of the day alive by sharing a video of the ceremony and reception on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts. As an added bonus, sharing video on social media also gives you the opportunity to include friends and family who couldn’t attend.

Tip: If your bar or bat mitzvah is always on Snapchat, ask them to download their Snapchat Story on the day of the ceremony so you can add it to your video too.

Style: Documentary
Songs: “God Is” by Faith Rivera; “Hava Nagila” by Meshugga Beach Party

If you’ve got a bar or bat mitzvah video you’d like to share, we’d love to see it. Share it in the comments below, or reach out on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by tagging @Animoto.