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8 Social Distancing Templates to Try in Your Business

Moira West


COVID-19 has made online communication more important than ever. Customers are adapting to the new normal and appreciate businesses that are willing to go the extra mile.

New Social Distancing COVID-19 Templates

We understand that as a business, you're looking for ways to stay connected with your customers while social distancing. That’s why we put together 8 new templates, designed to help you share ideas and information with followers. Read on to find the template that’s right for your business.

New COVID-19 video templates for businesses

Find Us Online

Let customers know how to shop for your products when they’re stuck at home. Be sure to include your social media info and your website.

Virtual Event Promo

Spread the word about upcoming online events with a quick promo. Make sure to include date, time, and how your audience can tune in.

Service Modification

If you’ve changed the way your business operates because of COVID-19, let your customers know. Mention closures, but also include new services, like virtual visits, that’ll reassure nervous customers.

Restaurant Promo

Promote your delivery and takeout offerings while customers aren’t able to visit your restaurant.

Daily Check-in

Stay on your followers’ minds and let them know you care with a helpful or inspiring daily check-in.

Gift Card Promo

Encourage customers to support your business while you’re struggling with a gift card purchase. This type of video is also a great way to promote your Mother’s Day offerings.

Daily Tips

Offer followers ideas that’ll make their #quarantinelife a little bit easier. Try this template out on our iOS app.


Book report

Let students create engaging book trailers that promote traditional literacy and tech literacy at the same time. Teachers, try out this template or test out one of our other video ideas in your remote learning classroom.

TIP: These templates are just starting points. All of our templates can be customized to fit your brand. Change up colors, fonts, and music to match your business. Or you can keep the video just as it is and get it up on social even faster.

Which template do you think you use first? Let us know in the comments. Or if you want feedback on your videos from business owners like you, join us in our Facebook group, the Animoto Social Video Marketing Community.