Inspiration: Helping Those in Need with Video

Moira West


We love seeing people using Animoto for good, and the Elisha Project, a program that feeds and clothes the needy, definitely qualifies. The founder of the Elisha Project, George Ortiz, shared that he’s been using Animoto to create videos promoting his organization since it was started in 2011.

We met George in our Social Video Marketing Community on Facebook, and we reached out to learn more.

Marketing Video Style: Bold

George told us, “We seek to motivate people to change their communities through personal service, and nothing is more personal than meeting the basic need of food.” The Elisha Project works with everyone from families to corporations to community groups like the Girl Scouts.

Marketing Video Style: Bold
Song: “7 Years” by Cedar Avenue

But the Elisha Project has to do a lot on a limited budget. The organization works in 5 different states (Rhode Island, New York, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Virginia). And they’ve been using video to communicate the whole time, starting with simple slideshows, and developing more sophisticated marketing videos to promote their work.

Those videos help recruit restaurants and stores, which donate food and clothing, and bring in community groups, who distribute that food and clothing, along with a healthy dose of compassion to those in need.

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The Elisha Project posts about one video a week, though they sometimes post more, and most of those videos are shared on Facebook, Instagram, and on their website. George told us, “Our video effort is single-handedly responsible for almost every facet of user engagement. From day one, we started recording video with our iPhones, and Animoto was the only thing that we used.”

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3 Tips for Creating a Connection with Non-Profit Videos

We asked George to share some of his tips for creating non-profit videos that work on social media. Here’s what he had to say:

  • Keep it short. “Less is more –keep it under a minute.” Doing that lets you create a video that can be used on Instagram (which has a one-minute limit) — and keeps viewers interested everywhere else.
  • Know the audience you are going after. Having a specific viewer in mind can help you adjust what you’re saying to your viewer, and (if you’re buying ads) focus your dollars so that you reach the audience you want.
  • Clear messaging. Give each video one specific focus, and try not to do more than that. If you have a second message, you can always make another video.

You can find out more about The Elisha Project and the work they’re doing in the community by visiting their Facebook page. Or if you’ve got a non-profit of your own, join our Social Video Marketing Community on Facebook to see how other non-profits and business owners are succeeding with video or get feedback on your own videos.