5 Ways to Build Your Brand Like the Big Boys


sarah petty headshot

Large companies have the resources to hire creative agencies that develop and manage their brands.  But you don’t have to be a marketing professional to improve your business’ visibility and value through branding.

Sarah Petty, founder of Joy of Marketing and co-author of Worth Every Penny: Build a Business That Thrills Your Customers and Still Charge What You’re Worth, has years of experience working with businesses as large as Coca-Cola and as small as her own photography studio.

In the following video, she outlines five ways you can strengthen your brand:

1. Be consistent.

Develop graphic standards and stick to them in every advertising material and on all areas of your website.

2. Know what makes you different.

As a small business, you probably cannot compete on price.  Instead, make sure you can articulate how you add value, and communicate this to your customers!

3. Use better video.

Position yourself as a leader in your industry with superior graphics and video.  Animoto Pro makes professional video affordable.

4. Deliver a better experience.

Give your clients an unforgettable experience, and they’ll turn into repeat customers–and tell their friends!

5. Treat your better clients better.

80% of business comes from 20% of clients, so reward and thank your best customers often.

Check out Sarah Petty’s page for details on how she uses Animoto to set herself apart and win over clients.