Inspiring Quotes from our Social Video Marketing Summit

Megan O'Neill


Thanks so much to everyone that tuned in live to our Social Video Marketing Summit. If you missed the Facebook Live broadcast, no worries. You can watch the replay on our Facebook page. The 2-hour event was jam-packed with amazing content around everything from getting your video seen on Facebook to getting started with Snapchat, building a YouTube audience, and creating videos that stand out on social media.

We’ve put together a short list of just a few of the inspiring quotes from our speakers — Sue Bryce, Vanessa Joy, Mari Smith, Tim Schmoyer, Ann Handley, and Frankie Greek. These quotes are just a taste. Stay tuned for a deeper dive into everything that was covered in the coming days and weeks!

Sue Bryce

Sue Bryce gave an inspiring talk in which she shared her five keys to shareworthy marketing.

Sue Bryce on the Best Marketing

Looking to create world class, shareworthy marketing videos? Sue offered up her five keys to shareworthy marketing. You can think of these “5 Es” as a checklist that you refer to for each and every video you create.

Sue’s 5 Keys to Shareworthy Marketing

  • Educate
  • Entertain
  • Engage
  • Entice
  • Elevate

Mari Smith

Facebook expert Mari Smith shared her formula for getting your videos seen on Facebook. She views video as business’s biggest opportunity to get seen on Facebook and shared her tips for how to do so.

Mari Smith Quote

Vanessa Joy

Vanessa Joy shared five elements that make for successful social videos and illustrated how to implement her tips using our new Marketing Video Builder. A couple of our favorite quotes from her talk were around using text and telling stories.

Vanessa Joy Quotes

On the story front, Vanessa says, **“Tell a story. The story behind a video is what keeps people engaged.” **What type of story are you telling in your social marketing?

Tim Schmoyer

YouTube strategist Tim Schmoyer created a short video for us about how to grow an audience on YouTube. His tips ranged from ending videos with a strong call to action to making sure to include an enticing thumbnail. We really liked what he had to say about video length.

Tim Schmoyer Quote

Ann Handley

Ann Handley offered up a great message for writers: “If you are a good writer, and you think of things from your customers’ point of view, you can also produce amazing videos.” She shared her advice for formulating text for your social media videos, which stems from an idea that we love – video and writing are intertwined.

Ann Handley Quote

Frankie Greek

Snapchat expert Frankie greek shared her tips on how to get started on Snapchat, saying that **“If you can represent your brand well, there’s not anyone who can’t be on Snapchat.” **Like many of our speakers, Frankie focused on storytelling but encouraged beginners not to overthink things and to just be natural.

Frankie Greek Quote

What were your favorite moments of our Social Video Marketing Summit? Let us know in the comments below, or join our new Social Video Marketing Community on Facebook to get inspired and continue the conversation.