3 Ideas for Celebrating Your Business’s Birthday with Video

Megan O'Neill


Here at Animoto our birthday is just around the corner (we’re almost 9!). We’re hard at work on a video to celebrate, so we figured what better time than now to share some ideas for how you can use video to celebrate your own business’s birthday!

These ideas can be videos of their own, or you can incorporate them all into one video, which is what we did last year for our 8th birthday. Check out our 8th birthday video and then read on for our three ideas for celebrating your own business’s birthday.

If you're looking for ideas for a birthday video for a friend or family member, check out our blog post with 17 creative birthday video ideas.

Revisit milestones

A birthday is a great time to look back on all your company has been through and share how far you’ve come. How long has it been since you started your company? Did you have a ridiculous looking website back then? The Internet Archive Wayback Machine will let you find screenshots of your website from back in the day. Have you added any significant new products or services to your offering over the years? Do you remember when you hit 1,000 followers on Instagram? 10,000 likes on Facebook? All of these things can be fun milestones to include.

Our eighth birthday video focuses on eight milestones from throughout Animoto’s history. We all got together in a room to brainstorm as many milestones as we could and then narrowed it down to our eight favorites.

Share your celebration

Are you celebrating your business’s birthday with a cake or a party? Take pictures and video clips and use them to create a short video to share your celebration on social, or incorporate them into a larger video to give it that celebratory vibe. In our video, we included some photos from our yearly company boat party (yes, every year we have a party on a boat!).

Thank your customers

Finally, don’t forget to thank your customers. After all, without them you wouldn’t be where you are today! You can thank them with a video clip of yourself talking (here’s some advice for feeling more comfortable on camera), or include a simple “Thank you” text slide at the end of your video, as we did in ours.

Bonus idea: Wish your customers a happy birthday!

Speaking of thanking your customers, a fun way to add a little extra surprise and delight to your marketing efforts is to create happy birthday videos to send to your customers on their birthdays. You can either create personalized videos for each customer or client, or create a catch all video to send to everyone. We recommend creating a birthday video with a little bit of personalization – like a text slide with the person’s name on it – and then making a copy of the video to switch out the name each time someone else’s birthday comes around.

Have you created a birthday video to celebrate your business’s birthday – or a birthday video for your customers? Join our Facebook group, the Animoto Social Video Marketing Community, and share your video so we can check it out!