Spring Rolls & Family: Going Behind the Scenes at Lucy’s Vietnamese Kitchen

Megan O'Neill


While we were preparing for the launch of our new Marketing Video Builder, we invited video journalist and documentary filmmaker, Gayatri Kaul, to take it for a spin and see what she could create, working with a couple local businesses here in New York. The first business she chose was Lucy’s Vietnamese Kitchen in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Check out the video below. Then, read on to learn a few of the strategies that Gayatri used that you can apply to your own video strategy.

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And now… on to the tips!

No fancy camera? No problem.

Believe it or not, this video was shot entirely on an iPhone. If you’ve got a smartphone, you’ve got the ability to create great HD video clips and high resolution photos at your fingertips (or, more literally, in your pocket). To learn more about shooting great video clips, check out our 5 tips for shooting video like a pro.

Get personal & share your story.

People connect to other people, which is why sharing a personal story can be a great way to reach out and touch your audience. Gayatri knew that there was a deep, personal history behind Lucy’s Vietnamese Kitchen — the owner, Johnny, was inspired by his grandmother’s cooking. She decided to incorporate that story into the video but, rather than just telling the story, she showed it by getting the whole family, including the grandmother, on camera. Seeing the interaction between Johnny and his family really drives home the idea that this is a family business and tugs at viewers’ heartstrings.

Teach viewers a new skill.

Sharing your expertise is a great way to captivate your audience. Gayatri had Johnny and his family share the recipe for one of their signature dishes — Vietnamese spring rolls. Not only does this entice viewers because it teaches them something new, but it also showcases a delicious-looking product that people can actually try for themselves if they visit the restaurant.

Note: Gayatri both tells a personal story and teaches a new skill in her video. You can do that, or you can try out one or the other on its own. Experiment and find the balance that works best for you and your audience.

Support your story with text.

Before you read on, scroll back up and watch the video again — this time with the sound off. Notice how you still get the full story, thanks to the text in the video? Using text in this way is especially great when it comes to social videos, since videos auto-play on mute on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And with our new Marketing Video Builder you can now use text on top of video clips as well as photos.

Have you tried out our Marketing Video Builder yet? We’d love to hear what you think of it — and see your videos! Tag your videos with #MyAnimoto and we’ll share our faves.