Find out how Vanessa Joy uses video slideshows to maximize her wedding photography sales.
The Goal

Providing a high-end experience for wedding clients

Vanessa Joy runs her photography business in the highly saturated markets of NYC and New Jersey. To stand out from the plethora of wedding photographers in her area, she strives to offer a high-end experience for couples who simply expect and want more from their wedding photographer. How does she do it? Video, of course.

The Solution

Creating four slideshow videos per wedding couple

In order to stand out from the competition and offer a great client experience, Vanessa creates four video slideshows for each couple, using Animoto. By incorporating these videos, which take under 20 minutes to create, into her in-person or Skype sales sessions, Vanessa has made the sales experience a lot more emotionally-charged and engaging.

What are the four videos Vanessa creates? First, she creates an engagement video to kick off her engagement sales session. She also creates a same-day wedding video that her clients can quickly share on social media to maximize her brand’s reach immediately after the wedding day. To make the wedding album sales process friction-free, she creates an album pre-design video that showcases what the different pages of their album might look like. Finally, once the couple has selected the photos and layout for their album, she creates a final album video for them to share digitally on social media and via email. This increases her brand’s reach while also delighting her clients, along with their friends and families.

Before I started using Animoto slideshows in my sales sessions, I was leaving a gap in my clients' experience. I just never realized I was also leaving so much money on the table.
Vanessa Joy,

Wedding Photographer

The Results

More engaged, informed clientele

Not only did Vanessa Joy's annual sales increase by $20,000 when she started offering in-person or Skype sales sessions that were fueled by Animoto videos, but she also noticed her clients were much more engaged throughout the entire sale process.

In addition to slideshows videos, Vanessa also creates marketing videos to reach current and prospective clients. By sharing marketing videos, like this one, she helps her photography business stand out on social media, YouTube, and on her page. As part of her marketing strategy, social media videos help Vanessa elevate her brand, and get it in front of a larger audience. For instance, the video on her page garnered 1.6K views.

Key takeaways

Create multiple videos for each client
Generate excitement and emotion to drive sales
Create marketing videos to promote your business, not just client slideshows

Make your own video in minutes

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