See how a square video drove more sales and downloads than landscape for this company.
The Goal

Increase brand awareness and expand reach

Fundy is a design software founded by Andrew “Fundy” Funderburg in 2008 and provides users with a faster and easier approach to various photography projects. Earlier this year, Fundy used video to promote their new all-in-one design and sales suite geared towards professional photographers.

The Solution

Use square video to amplify reach on social media

Having heard that square video performs better on social, Andrew turned to this format with the aim of increasing Fundy’s visibility on Facebook, and reaching new customers. He captured screen video of his software and paired it with stock images to create a simple video that would engage with his current audience, and be attractive to new audiences as well.

Andrew created a video ad in under an hour, and at minimal cost with Animoto. Using simple, bold text he was able to demonstrate the versatility of his product, providing his clients with an in-depth understanding of the software’s various functions. The addition of text made for a clear and concise message, even for those viewing with the sound off.

After using Animoto, we saw a 65% increase in video views resulting in a boost in sales and trial downloads—our largest jump in engagement to date.
Andrew Funderburg,


The Results

Optimized results in a fraction of the time

Andrew posted the video he created to promote the new all-in-one Fundy Suite, and drive free trials and sales. Fundy’s square video received 3X more engagement, when compared to the same video in landscape form. In fact, the results from the square video created with Animoto surpassed all videos Andrew had shared previously in terms of both engagement and link clicks.

Andrew’s video was clear and impactful, even when viewed with the sound off. “Since we began building our marketing videos with Animoto, we have reduced our video design time by 75%,” says Andrew. “We are able to quickly and effectively convey messages that our audience responds to.”

Key takeaways

Use square video to boost engagement
Show product in action to drive downloads and sales
Use text to stand out on social

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