This children's haircare brand generated sales and maximized ROAS with Amazon-friendly video ads
The Goal

Elevating their brand and driving sales

SoCozy is a kids’ hair care company founded by Cozy Friedman. The brand wanted a cost-effective way to promote their product and get sales on Amazon. To launch a Sponsored Brands Video campaign on Amazon, SoCozy had to follow the platform’s video ad guidelines and requirements. So, they decided to try Animoto’s made-for-Amazon video ad template.

The Solution

Highlighting a product with an Amazon-ready video template

By choosing one of Animoto’s pre-built templates, SoCozy ensured that they would meet Amazon’s video specifications and creative acceptance policies. The company personalized their video ad by adding product photos, and changing the font and colors to match their branding. With clear, eye-catching text, the video ad was optimized for sound-off viewing. So, the video’s message was clear, even if it was watched while muted.

The Animoto videos were crisp, on message, and professional. Plus, they met all the requirements that Amazon had! We're confident that the videos helped introduce our brand to a large audience, thereby increasing awareness, and elevating the brand.
Hasan Ansari,


The Results

Leveraging video ads to connect with new customers and drive sales

The high-performing Sponsored Brands Video campaign resulted in a return on ad spend (ROAS) as high as $2.47 for every dollar spent—all while meeting Amazon’s video ad policy requirements. With click-through rates (CTR) as high as 8.6%, the video ads far surpassed Google Search CTR benchmarks. Using Animoto, the business was able to quickly and cost-effectively produce not one but three videos that promoted their product, and drove their audience from discovery to purchase.

Key Takeaways

Generate sales on Amazon with video
Use pre-built templates to create quickly
Format your video for Amazon’s specifications

Make your own video in minutes

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