This ecommerce company increased online sales on Instagram by 48% using video.
The Goal

Boosting sales on Instagram by fostering trust and understanding of the product

Click n Curl is a detachable brush styling tool for women, developed by Kim Nimsgern. The innovative product creates salon-quality blowouts for budget-conscious women. Kim wanted to stand out on Instagram, where she knew other hair and beauty products were finding customers. She wanted to create a video that’d help her convert prospects into customers and still provide value for her current customer base. Kim decided to turn to Animoto to create videos that’d share pro tips, while showcasing how easy Click n Curl is to use.

The Solution

Sharing insider expertise with a product demo to create awareness and convert prospects

By dragging and dropping a few clips into Animoto, Click n Curl easily created a video that added value to its customer base. Their instructional product video, which was also placed on their website’s landing page, used square format since it’s known to perform better on social media. The video used bold text and stylish transitions paired with the song “Anger is a Bush,” by Oshmusik.

Instead of simply sharing a product overview, Click n Curl showed their product in action. Using video, the business was able to draw folks in with insider knowledge, and create content that was shared with other potential customers. Brands can struggle to get shares for product ads, but by combining the company’s expertise with smart product placement, this educational video helped the company reach new audiences.

We are so pleased with the results of Animoto! During the time of the campaigns, we saw an increase of referrals and sales, and were approached to be featured in two major publications.
Kim Nimsgern,


The Results

Leveraging expertise to create a shareworthy video campaign that drives sales

Click n Curl’s product video was a hit with their online community, receiving 5,134 views, and increasing sales by 48 percent. The square video, specifically formatted for Instagram, led to a 17 percent increase in website visits. Additionally, the Animoto video boosted link clicks from Click n Curl’s Instagram page to their website, taking the page from from zero link clicks to 222. Moreover, during the course of the video campaign, Click n Curl was asked to be featured in two major publications. Ultimately, the video not only improved sales, website clicks, and referrals, it also gave Click n Curl visibility and brought into press and publication opportunities, amplifying their online reach.

Key takeaways

Use an educational demo to show your product in action
Create a square, text-based video to optimize for mobile
Increase sales and visibility with video on Instagram

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