See how Crate and Barrel turned its product catalog into a video ad in under 24 hours.
The Goal

Creating content quickly and on a budget

Working for a worldwide brand, the marketing team at Crate and Barrel is used to juggling several projects at once. It’s not unusual to see team members creating stunning tablescapes for charity fundraiser Dining By Design, while also publishing and promoting the company’s latest product catalogue. As a result, video creation is often throttled by time and available resources. Video projects are often outsourced and can take weeks to complete. Earlier this year, Crate and Barrel’s marketing team wanted to create a video to promote their Summer 2016 product catalog on social media. Rather than outsource, they wanted to get the video out quickly and cost-efficiently. They turned to Animoto and created the video themselves, same-day.

The solution

Repurposing existing content

Crate and Barrel’s marketing team was able to bypass their traditional process of outsourcing and bring video creation in house by repurposing content they already had on hand — in this case, images from their Spring 2016 product catalog shoot. They uploaded their existing photos and added text to create this minute-long video, which they shared on Facebook and Instagram.

Animoto allowed us to create a video same-day, with assets we already had. The video received similar results to other campaigns that took us weeks to create or that we had to outsource.
Suzy Cirulis,

VP of Marketing

The Results

Engagement-driving videos in a fraction of the time

The video that the Crate and Barrel marketing team was able to create using Animoto and a handful of photos they already had on hand drove just as many impressions, clicks, and engagement as videos they outsourced to a videographer or created with their in-house video team on a multi-week timeline.

Key takeaways

Bring video creation in-house
Repurpose existing content
Drive engagement with video

Make your own video in minutes

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