See how these 3 real estate businesses used video to drive interest and engagement on social.
The Goal

Standing out in the real estate landscape

For real estate agents, effectively reaching clients online and in your local area are keys to success. Long before they call or schedule an in-person chat, today’s consumer flocks to the internet to find out more about you and your brand. So, how are real estate agents getting more listings and standing out amongst competition? For numerous real estate agents, the answer is video. And, luckily, it’s often more cost effective than traditional media. Here’s how three real estate professionals are building rapport, showcasing local expertise, and amplifying trust in their services with video.

Kathy Lewis

Elevate your brand presence with video on Facebook

Kathy Lewis, a Florida-based real estate agent, knew how important it was for her property listings to look professional. Using Animoto Marketing, Kathy created a property listing video for Facebook, and shared it with her network. The square video included thumb-stopping transitions, and bold text designed to stand out on social media, and was viewed 774 times. Without putting any spend against her ad, Kathy was able to expand her reach on Facebook. The video helped ensure her current customers that they had made the right choice in hiring her, and attracted potential clients by showcasing her commitment and professionalism.

After receiving positive feedback, and calls from interested clients, she knew video was the right choice for her business. And, since it performed so well in her local and online communities, Kathy continues to share property listing videos on relevant groups on Facebook. With video, Kathy has been able to establish her brand as a local authority. She says, “When I go to a listing presentation, I bring the Animoto videos as part of my presentation. My customers are so impressed, and the videos are instrumental in getting new clients.”

David Roger Grossmann

Build trust with a customer testimonial video

For any businesses advertising on social, time is limited, so it’s important to gain credibility quickly. David Roger Grossmann, a real estate agent based in New York, realized most clients were finding his business via social media. So, he used Animoto to create a customer testimonial, and paired it with a call to action that led interested clients to a landing page with available listings. He shared the video ad on Facebook and Instagram, and placed $100 ad spend against each platform.

The linked landing page showcased his latest listings in addition to his recently closed sales and rentals, further fostering trust in his brand. David’s video drove traffic to his landing page, and reached 15,704 viewers who were interested in buying, selling, or renting in the local area. Prior to his testimonial video, David had regularly shared property listing videos that helped boost his professional brand presence. By sharing positive reviews with video, he was able to further solidify his track record within his community.

Brothers Commercial Brokerage

Drive engagement on Facebook with minimal spend

In addition to property listings, video is a quick way to showcase expertise in your local area, and in the industry overall. Owner and co-Founder of Brothers Commercial Brokerage, Geoffrey M. Brothers, is well aware of the power of video on social media. For Geoffrey, video has helped solidify his brand as an experienced and trustworthy name in the market.

That’s why the brokerage chose to use video to share the story of an historic building with its audience. Using Animoto, the real estate business was able to further establish their brand and knowledge of the area. With an ad spend of $40, the video tapped into hyper-local nostalgia, garnering 22,000 views, 197 shares, and over a hundred likes.

Key takeaways

Share interesting neighborhood facts to expand reach
Draw potential clients in with property listing videos
Showcase local expertise and professionalism with video

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