Mezzetta jumped on a fun social trend by creating this share-worthy video.
The Goal

Capitalizing on a social trend

The marketing team at Mezzetta Foods, the popular food processor that packs and sells pickled peppers, olives, and other pickled vegetables, caught wind of a Mississippi Roast recipe that was getting viral buzz online. One of the ingredients featured was Mezzetta’s own Peperoncini and they saw an opportunity to participate in the conversation by posting a Facebook video of their own. Unfortunately, Mezzetta’s usual turnaround for video production is six weeks — by the time the video could be completed, who knew whether people would still be drooling over the Mississippi Roast recipe.

The Solution

Bringing production-in house

To reduce production time, Mezzetta’s social media team was able to create a video independently, using Animoto, instead of asking video specialists to do the work for them. This allowed them to get the video up in a day, rather than waiting weeks.

Animoto has helped us reduce our time and costs for creating videos, allowing us to publish them more often and to achieve higher engagement in key social channels.
Deborah Harkins,

Creative Director

The Results

Becoming a part of the conversation

A quick turnaround allowed Mezzetta to spread brand awareness by joining the conversation around Mississippi Roast while it was still trending. The video was shared over 2600 times and received over 399,000 views. But that’s not all — Mezzetta also reduced costs by taking production in-house. They lowered their cost per view (CPV) by 75 percent, compared to previous video campaigns they outsourced.

Key takeaways

Join the conversation on social media
Spread brand awareness
Take video production in-house

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