Discover how Lever’s recruiting team humanized their employment brand by highlighting company culture with video.
The Goal

Boosting and humanizing recruiting efforts

Lever, a recruiting software company founded in 2012, helps businesses with their most strategic challenge: how to grow their teams. A known leader in the hiring platform space, the business knew that to attract top talent, it had to create a genuine connection with prospective employees. The recruiting team wanted to find a way to give potential hires insight into their own unique company culture, brand, and team. Since video helps employers stand out on LinkedIn, Lever decided to give it a shot.

The Solution

Creating an inspiring video ad for LinkedIn

Following LinkedIn’s launch of native video uploads for businesses, Lever decided to create its own video for LinkedIn. Using Animoto, the recruiting team at Lever uploaded video clips, and dragged and dropped them into a quickly created, social-friendly video. To attract potential candidates with whom their values resonated, Lever shared the video on LinkedIn, and included it as an ad in a campaign targeting prospective employees.

Video turned out to be a big untapped opportunity for us. With Animoto, we found a way to show, rather than tell, potential candidates and customers what Lever is all about and what working here is like.
Deniz Gultekin,

Talent Brand Lead

The Results

Sharing insider perspective into Lever's unique company culture

LinkedIn users engaged with Lever’s video content significantly more than they did with their static, non-video campaigns. Without significant ad spend, Lever’s video was viewed 5,604 times and had double the click-through rate compared to their prior efforts with static images or text. With video, the HR team was able to showcase the recruiting company’s strengths more effectively than with images and text alone. In fact, candidates often mention the video during interviews. It allowed a key audience to get an insider look into the company’s team and work culture, helping prospective employees imagine what it might be like to work at Lever.

Key Takeaways

Showcase your team and company culture
Use video to increase visibility
Generate interest in open roles

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