Make a Bridal Shower Video Slideshow to Say “Thank You” to Guests

Becky Brooks


Whether you’re the maid of honor or the bride, making a video is one of the most thoughtful ways to thank your bridal shower guests.

Here’s how…

Bridal Shower Thank You

Get Detailed, Reaction, and Emotional Shots

Take photos of adorable details like a yummy and decorative cake or a stylish invite that was sent out for the party. They help capture the nuances of the day and act as bookmarkers for your video.

For instance, a shot of a really fabulously wrapped present really shows the thought behind everyone’s gift-giving after welcoming the bride to the party.

Bridal Shower Reaction

Be sure to get the classic reactions of your friend walking into the shower, opening presents or hugging her mom. These photos often tell more of a story than staged photos.

You are truly a pro if you can capture someone crying from happiness or genuinely cracking up with laughter!

Add Choice Words

With so many friends and family members attending the bridal shower, you’re bound to have a blast. Feel free to add some words to describe the fun.

It might be in the form of a classic quote, a nice sentiment someone expressed to the bride, or a heartfelt thank you to the guests.

Keep It Short and Sweet

Friends at Bridal Shower

Make sure you get plenty of the important family members in the video, but also remember to keep the video short.

Aim for a 2-4 minute video. Get those crucial shots of the bride opening the presents, hugging her family and friends, and everyone having fun. If you include too many shots that seem similar, they will look redundant (i.e. 20 shots of the bride opening a present). Remove some for the sake of brevity and keep your video entertaining.

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